We know who Jack is!


Photo of Jack Templin by bjepson on flickr

This month Providence Monthly does their annual 10 people who you don’t know now (but soon will). In addition to the 10, they feature 15 to watch. Among the 15 to watch is friend of Greater City Providence, Jack Templin of Providence Geeks and RI Nexus fame.

Of the 15 to watch ProMo says:

Here are 15 names that had multiple mentions and are bubbling just below the surface. Expect to see a couple of them on next year’s list.

I have a feeling Jack won’t make the list next year because we’ll all already know him by then. Congrats Jack!

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  1. RI Optimist January 8, 2008 at 10:31 am #

    Jack Templin has been a tremendous asset for Providence and the state of Rhode Island. His enthusiasm, ability to bring people together and effective programming (i.e., Providence Geeks and have genuinely helped our capital city and state get more connected! Thanks Jack!

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