Here comes the snow again

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Winter Storm Watch, you know the drill, bread, milk, rant about sidewalks. I love snow and I love ranting!

Should be a slippery New Year’s Eve.

ProJo reports people across the state are losing power already due to high winds.

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  1. We go out *in* the snow for bread and milk. That’s one thing I love about living in a walkable urban community.

  2. Author

    I ventured out in the snow once for some Lil’ Debbie cakes when I lived in Boston. It was a massive storm, more than a foot. Along the way I found an old lady in a snowbank. She had snuck out of the home down the block to buy a can of Coke. I helped her back and we had to sneak in the back because she was afraid of getting caught being out in the storm.

  3. You know, it wasn’t until I read that twice and noted that you lived in Boston at the time, that you were not actually talking about me.

  4. Author

    No, had it been you I would have told the people at the home that you were out in the storm and suggested they put somesort of tracking device in your head or lock you in a basement or something.

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