Can you tell what is missing from this photo?


Shoveled sidewalk? Close.

No sidewalk at all? Bingo!

This is outside the Old Public Safety Building Memorial Parking LotTM in LaSalle Square. You have a Jersey Barrier with cars parked right up against the inside of the barrier, and cars driving right up against the outside of the barrier, and pedestrians… well pedestrians are just sh!t out of luck.

The Jersey Barrier is in line with the curb at either end, so pedestrians would walk inside the barriers with the barriers between them and the street. Which would be a quite sensible set up, an even more sensible set up would be having an actual sidewalk! With nothing to prevent the parked cars from parking right up against the barrier, cars park right up against the barrier and pedestrians have no choice but to walk in traffic. Very highspeed traffic that whips through LaSalle Square.

Now even if the cars weren’t parked up against the barriers and there was a path clear for pedestrians, there is no curb cut at the west end of the barriers, so wheelchairs would be sh!t out of luck, which makes me reiterate above, an actual sidewalk would be nice.

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2 Responses to Can you tell what is missing from this photo?

  1. Jen Coleslaw January 1, 2009 at 8:44 pm #

    I can’t imagine that that’s up to code. Oh wait, I guess there isn’t code for “temporary” parking lots, huh?

  2. Libby | Jersey barrier April 26, 2009 at 7:51 pm #

    Looks like they think there’s enough space on top for the of the barrier to walk. The ones on wheelchairs will have to fight with the traffic.

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