Everybody Fung Wah to New York

Fung Wah Bus Providence 005

Photo © Raastah from Flickr

Reader Raastah reminds us that Fung Wah Bus is now providing direct service from Providence to New York City. Buses depart in the morning from 50 Exchange Terrace across from the Skating Center downtown. Buses arrive in New York at 139 Canal Street in Chinatown near the base of the Manhattan Bridge.

As Raastah points out, the buses only depart Providence in the morning, and return from New York in the evening. So an afterwork ride on a Friday night for example is out of the question. The fare is also $40 which is not very competitive. They do promise a 3 hour travel time, which sadly is better than what the Acela offers, however having lived in New York, I can attest that at times it takes nearly 3 hours to get from the city to the Connecticut line, so that 3 hour time is of course dependent on a lot of factors.

Also, a quick Google of Fung Wah Bus shows that their safety record is not exactly stellar. 🙁 Personally, I’d like to see Mega Bus come to Providence. Perhaps if Fung Wah proves successful, Mega Bus will look toward starting service here.

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  1. RhodeIslandRed June 19, 2009 at 8:50 am #

    Hello? Buses that catch fire? Taking curves too sharply and turning over? No thank you. Fung Wah is a great idea, but until their track record gets better, not me. The price of the Acela is ridiculous. That’s government interference for you.

  2. Emily June 22, 2009 at 9:38 am #

    Fung Wah is just a drug running operation anyway.

    Who needs to be contacted to get Megabus to Prov? I’m sick of spending six hours stopping at every casino between RI and NYC. Thanks, Greyhound.

  3. Alex June 25, 2009 at 10:30 pm #

    I recently had a couch surfer stay with me who took the Peter Pan bus from NY to Prov for $80 bucks round trip. And it only took 3 hours. I’m not sure on the frequency, but it’s much better than that.

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