Google Bike Directions

Photo by Jef Nickerson

Today Google Maps launched bicycle directions for 150 American Cities, including Providence.

Currently, cycling maps are not embeddable, so I can’t show one here, but go here to see a map showing cycling directions from City Hall to Roger Williams Park. The bike layer shows off-road bikeways (such as the East Bay and Washington Secondary Bike Paths) as a solid green line. On street bike routes are shown with a green and grey dashed line. The maps of course are only as good as the data Google has. Broadway for example is marked as off-road. Likely because their are nebulous plans to put bike lanes on Broadway, they are not there yet though.

Via: The New York Times

Update: Streetsblog has an audio interview with Google Engineer Scott Shawcroft about the roll out of bike directions and Google’s future plans for it.

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