StreetFilms: A Faster Muni

StreetFilms looks at ways to speed up Muni service in San Francisco. First they take a look at how to speed up boarding:

Next is a look at stop spacing:

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One Response to StreetFilms: A Faster Muni

  1. Andrew April 22, 2010 at 10:54 am #

    Worse than how Rhode Island drivers preserve their turn-signal stalks from wear and tear is how RIPTA preserves the rear-door hinges on their buses. I wrote to them once pointing out how much time is wasted when passengers exit through the front while those waiting to board could be boarding instead of waiting. The person who answered agreed that this wastes time, but is necessary to prevent fare beating.
    Just one more reason most people will not consider commuting by bus. Welcome to RIPTA you poor slobs. We do not care what your time is worth nor how much of it we waste making sure no one beats us out of $1.75.

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