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Lots in Limbo (May 7)

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Lots in Limbo
Providence Reimagines Its Downtown

Art Installation
Friday, May 7
110 Westminster Street
Providence, RI

Outdoor Screening of “Beyond the Motor City: A Documentary Film About the Past and Future of Transportation”
Friday, May 7
Grant’s Block, Corner of Westminster Street and Union Street
Providence, RI

The Lots in Limbo Project

110 Westminster Street is one of many vacant lots in downtown Providence. What’s the history of this space? What possibilities does its future hold?

On Friday, May 7, come to 110 Westminster Street to take part in an interactive art installation reflecting the dreams for this space that Providence locals shared in interviews with Brown University students. At the event, we also invite you to weigh in with your own hopes for what this space – and other vacant sites in the city – might be one day.

To learn more about Providence’s vacant lots, the history of 110 Westminster, and what people would like to see in these spaces, visit our website.

110 Westminster Street is of course the other side of 35 Weybosset Street, which we have been talking about here, a lot. And “Beyond Motor City” is an excellent documentary on transportation, primarily focused on Detroit, well worth seeing.

Read this post to see what we think should happen at 35 Weybosset/110 Westminster.

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