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Investment in Transportation Changes is Tough Hill to Climb [Coalition for Transportation Choices]

Charlotte does light rail right [Grist]

Can infrastructure-led growth save the economy? [Salon]

Mixed-Use Downtown Development Puts Standard Malls’ Tax Yield to Shame [Citiwire]

A Fast-Paced City Tries to Be a Gentler Place to Grow Old [New York Times]

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  1. According to the Citiwire link,

    …in tax revenue, for the infrastructure costs of various types of residential developments… [t]he payback time for a mixed-use condominium building in the heart of downtown was three years. Want to guess the payback time for the residential portion of a multi-use development out at a highway interchange? It was a whopping 42 years.

    In other words, low density development, sprawl, is being encouraged by being undertaxed. Dense, mixed use urban development is discouraged by being overtaxed.

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