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Reader: Silverman found! Plus picnic tables

Remember Silverman, or tin man, or whatever he was called. He had been floating around in the river for a few years now, but has been missing for a while. A reader contacted us and has solved the mystery of what happened to him:

For about a month or so, the tin foil man floating in the Providence River has been missing. Run over by a boat? Stolen? Sunk? Headed south to join tax-haven loving Rhode Islanders in Florida?

No one seemed to know. This afternoon he was found, beached… or more accurately, wood piled.

In the corner of the fence guarding the Water Fire wood supply. In for repairs? Run over once too many times by WaterFire craft?

Plus, there are now picnic tables down under the highway down by the river:

Also of note today:

Picnic tables (two) have been placed at water’s edge on the Ship Street extension alongside the Narragansett Bay Commission’s storm water (my euphemism) overflow outlet. Some tree trimming and tidying have gone on, just in time for the fall and winter picnicking season.

But, hey, why criticize; with luck we’ll have some warm days in October… and the tables should still be there come spring.

Prime viewing spot for the big Iway deconstruction project.

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  • I’ve wondered about that guy. He seems to have undergone a restoration since 2008, when I first saw him with most of his hat pecked away.

    Does anyone know his story? How long has he been in the river? Who the artist is?

    Surely someone must have gotten a permit of some kind or other to anchor him in the river in the first place.