Union Wadding Mill Fire

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Photo from Pawtucket Foundation Facebook Page

Unoccupied and unrenovated section of the Union Wadding Mill in Pawtucket burns.

So sad to see another mill building lost to fire.

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  1. Also, ProJo reports that an atmospheric inversion is trapping the fire’s smoke in Pawtucket and Providence (I noticed the haze walking into work this morning). The RIEMA is urging people to avoid strenuous outdoor activity until the smoke clears.

    The smoke doesn’t seem quite as bad as that caused by Canadian forest fires this past spring.

  2. I thought I would never again hear the name “Union Wadding” other than from family members. It has now been a couple of years since the company’s assets were sold, creditors paid and the stock declared worthless. The stock holders had never received much in the way of dividends for many years. The company was run for its employees. The day the employees lost their jobs was the saddest day for the now former owners of the Union Wadding Company. Today as a month ago my only wish for the site where The Union Wadding Company once existed is for it to continue to be an asset to the community. What remains also is the Boys & Girls Club of Pawtucket founded by Lyman B. Goff a founding father of The Union Wadding Company and my Great-Great Grandfather.

  3. ProJo reports ATF has determined the fire was arson and there is a $10,000 reward if you know who did it.

  4. I’m so surprised.

    But, you know, if Stop and Shop builds there I would have a semi-walkable grocery.

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