The Shortcut, interactive lighting display in London

Shortcut is an interactive lighting installation in a pedestrian way in London by artist Jason Bruges:

Shortcut is a responsive lighting installation for the Dover Yard in London; a well-used pedestrian route linking Berkeley Street and Dover Street near to Piccadilly and Green Park Tube Station. The artwork responds to the different speeds, rhythms and concentration of people in the alley, and a flowing pattern of light is built up in the passageway which reflects the recent movement.

White LED uplights, recessed into the paving, increase in intensity as people pass by causing a rippling wave of light to move through the passageway tracing their movement. When there are no pedestrians the lights dim to a low brightness to save energy while also providing a safe level of illumination.

Shortcut was commissioned by Royal London Asset Management and the architects for the project were Squire and Partners.

Something like this could be put to great use in Providence. I’m picturing it at places such as the tunnel between the skating center and Union Station Plaza, the passageway under the mall, sidewalks on the Eddy Street underpass between the hospitals and Davol Square…


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