Video: Compilation of red light cameras

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This collection of videos from red light cameras shows some inattentive driving at it’s worst. Warning: There is one section where a pedestrian gets hit, and one section where a motorcyclist gets hit. Though they are not gory, they could be too graphic for some.

Via: Greater Greater Washington

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  1. that last one was pretty gory….

    All too strong a reminder of how amazingly dangerous it is to travel by car – even if you’re one of the better drivers.

  2. It’s amazing how bad some drivers are. I was generally against red light cameras, but I’m more or less in favor of them now.

  3. All the more justification for things like roundabouts as well. Right-angle collisions are by far the most dangerous.

  4. Reminds me of a pool table.

    And as Ray Bradbury said back in the 1960’s, over 40,000 people a year were killed by automobiles. That’s why he didn’t like to ride in cars.

    And the rate is still the same even though cars have gotten infinitely safer. 40,000 people a year.

    And the one at 4:30 gets the prize. Two SUV’s mangled and a car in flames.

    But here’s the local angle. Every night I take the 27 or 28 bus home and every night I see the red light camera on the service road go off without fail.

    This is why I want AUTONOMOUS vehicles. At least computers have the common sense not to speed through a red light.

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