Ad revenue? Yes. Snow shoveling…

A couple years ago, we asked RIPTA what the policy is for snow removal at those Lamar bus shelters, here’s what they said:

Lamar Advertising owns and maintains THEIR bus shelters which are clearly marked with their name and the side advertising panel. Lamar generally removes the snow from their bus shelters in a timely manner. They do NOT remove snow from the sidewalks.

Every winter Lamar seems to have no problem changing the ads in the shelters they operate. Of course the ads are what brings them revenue. The snow removal part of their obligation…

…not so much.

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One Response to Ad revenue? Yes. Snow shoveling…

  1. Tony P February 8, 2011 at 6:25 pm #

    I’ve written both RIPTA and LAMAR about this. They finger point to some degree but the upshot is that the property owner adjacent to the bus shelter is responsible for clearing snow from in front of the shelters.

    Thing is, the property owners adjacent don’t do it.

    I’m getting sick of the non-enforcement of snow removal laws in this city. I’ve been leaning on Councilman Principe pretty heavily to have the city purchase equipment for snow removal on sidewalks on city owned property, i.e. all the overpasses in Providence, the parks, etc.

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