“Leh Wi Tok” film premiere, April 7

From Emmy® award winning Pawtucket, RI Producer/Director, John Lavall:

Can a single voice over the radio move listeners beyond the pain and anger of recent memories – violence that pit neighbors against each other, the exploitation of child soldiers, unimaginable atrocities, and the displacement of millions? For the people of Sierra Leone, a nation struggling to repair itself after more than a decade of war, the answer to that question comes in the simple Krio phrase “Leh Wi Tok” (Let us talk).

This Thursday 4/07/11 at 7:00pm • Park Theatre, 848 Park Avenue, Cranston • Tickets $20.00 • Hosted by the Foundation for West Africa

My partner’s brother and his girlfriend traveled to Sierra Leone to work on this film. I saw a preview of the film earlier this year and it was very powerful and very well done. I’m looking forward to seeing the whole thing.

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