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Snow/Ice violations maps

Map of violations issued for snow or ice on sidewalks:

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Yes, the Providence map is blank.

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  • I reported and reported, even called the mayor’s office & got nowhere. We oughta send these fools to Houghton/Hancock MI where I went to school, and show them what snow removal at it’s most efficient looks like. Then take them to Madison, WI & show them that it only takes one massive fine and the sidewalks are cleared out in less than 24 hours city wide. The elderly and infirm are assisted by the city, and the rest of us learned quickly that you don’t leave clean up to the landlord.

  • The absolute worst are the home owners that 1) just plow the walk leading to their own door or 2) clear out their driveway, leaving giant berms of snow across the otherwise clear sidewalk.

    There is an old Asian man on George St. on the East Side that despite seeming very aged shovels his own walks by hand without fail every snowfall (quickly too) then his neighbors fail to plow their walk (only their driveway) and pile up the driveway snow on the sidewalk. Furious.

  • I called several times and got a pretty efficient run around. The take away for me was they all said, it’s not our job. With so many Rhode Islanders out of work, I thought for sure the snow clearing could have been done. I remember my father sending me around the neighborhood after a snow and wondering why me. Now I am extremely grateful he instilled a sense of community in me. I only wish he could talk to some state workers.

  • I don’t know if it is funny or sad that I can post in April about snowy sidewalks and just like that, bam, bam, bam, 3 comments come in about it.

  • I reported several addresses, both residential and commercial, on several occasions (all after the 8 hour limit, and yes, there were repeat reports of the same address). On only one occasion did the city reply saying they escalated it. I don’t think they actually did anything about it though. It was for the Tallo Law Offices on Chalkstone (I don’t care about calling out the name of the business, they broke the law).

    What good is paying for a nice new system to report things like this if the city isn’t going to do anything about it? I bet the system would have paid for itself had the city actually fined all the offenders. And I don’t have a problem with the city fining residents or reporting people who live down the street from me.

  • I reported my next door and the house 2 down from me several times as well. Repeatedly…. They had their driveways plowed and then left the Himalayas for the rest of the neighbors to climb, or walk in the street. I live off Elmgrove Ave., these people have:
    a.) Kids. Put ’em to work, they have energy to burn, I’ve seen & heard it.
    b.) Next door have renters. Get them to pitch in.
    c.) $$$$$$$. Get your plowers to do a more complete job.

    We rent, our landlord lives out of state, and we have our sidewalks shoveled and ice melt out with in a couple of hours after the snow ends, then we help our neighbors. It’s doable!
    I submit again, we need more Midwesterners out here running things. 🙂

  • Before Ciciline went to congress I had a sit down with him about this very topic and got the same song and dance about the elderly, etc.

    I suggested he setup a new CETA type program. Have the neighborhood kids do it and pay them a few bucks for it. Then the elderly would be covered. You could create a database of residents over 65, pretty easy to do. Just pull it out of the Central Voter Registration System (CVRS), because that has DOB’s in it.

    And it would have another effect, people who have to register to vote. Imagine!

  • BTW, down her in Virginia, the snow is cleared pretty quickly and in the last two years we got a lot of it. People don’t have snow blowers and no one hires plows, they just get out there with shovels. In fact, there is a father/son team who do a lot of the driveways for neighbors, and they’ll work for sandwiches, although I supplement sandwiches with some cash because it is hard work. For all the complaining I do around here, That is one of the coolest things–that the sidewalks get shoveled. Sometimes it is the only time you see your neighbors.

    Roads, though, are a whole other story.

    I really do not understand why it is so hard to match people who need jobs with people who need shoveling. Bill absentee landlords who don’t make their own arrangements and use the funds to pay for people to help shovel old people. Get churches involved, and youth groups, and community development corporations. I think there’s plenty of capacity, there just has to be a will to make change.

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