Improbable Providence Subway Map

Improbable Providence Subway Map on sale now

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Improbable Providence Subway Map

Improbable Providence Subway Map by Transit Authority Figures.

The Improbable Providence Subway Map we looked at a few months ago is complete and ready for purchase. Check it out at Transit Authority Figures.

And if you’re a local retailer carrying the map, let us know and we’ll update this post. Shop local!

Available Locally:

  • Frog & Toad, Hope Village
  • The Map Center, North Main Street
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  1. I’d make some adjustments but otherwise this is visionary. Screw spending millions and billions on highways, build this!

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  3. The Map Center on North Main Street carries The Improbable Providence Subway Map.

    I regularly see bus passengers coming in to ask about it. Even though they know it can not possibly be for real, they seem compelled to ask anyway, just in case.

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