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Roger Williams

My good friend Christine Malecki West has launched a new site for us to submit and collect our visions for what should develop on the 195 Land, Christine describes the project below:

Roger Williams knew “This is the Place” when he founded Providence in 1636. The website collects photos and descriptions of places that people feel are special – where we ourselves declare, “This is the Place”.

The goal of this project is to collectively understand what gives locations their special sense of place. From this we can develop a tacit knowledge base that will help inform our discussions, and ultimately help amplify Providence’s own unique character as new developments are planned in the parcels vacated by the moving of I-195… and perhaps we can learn more about how to create other special places in the process.

To add to this collection, have your picture taken in a place you feel embodies the phrase ‘This is the Place’ doing “the Rog” (pronounced ‘raj’) – the unique gesture of Roger Williams portrayed in the monumental statue overlooking Providence. Send in pictures of yourself anywhere – not just Providence!

Email your photo along with a description of why you feel “This is the Place” to

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