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  • Sounds like a good idea. But it seems ironic in these bad economic times that people have to be encouraged or reminded to ride the bus. What does this tell us – that gas is still not too expensive, that the bus routes aren’t efficient, or something else?

  • Looks like if you take the 3, 14, 20 and 22 buses you cover all the addresses on that site.

    This is why like living in Providence. Virtually every route terminates in Kennedy Plaza.

  • This is a good idea, I have often found that non-riders do not realize how good service can be on some key routes, such as to the airport or to Newport, Pawtucket, to RI Hospital etc. So this is a good step forward, one of the few in my memory to be taken by a Board member to actually try to increase ridership and Mayor Avedesian should be commended for it.
    Non-profits, businesses, and state agencies might also take note and give transit directions to their sites as appropriate. One flagrant violator of this (that we showed Mayor Avedesian when a group of Ripta-rider-alliance members met with him) is the RI Division of Taxation, located across the street from the State House, gives only driving directions to their site on tax forms even though there are 4 bus lines that go up to the State House.

  • Bill, in my case at least, I’d love to take a bus, but the state or RIPTA has decided my community is not worth a bus – not even a feeder bus to Wickford Junction or Kingston.

    Of course, I drive to Kingston and get on board Amtrak. I’m sure many other people, however, decide they might as well just drive the whole way.

  • The truth is that people don’t want to make the effort. A lot of people I know don’t know how to read a schedule properly and will complain about having to walk two blocks to get to their destination or even waiting.

    People have an instant gratification problem and will always take the easier option rather than make the effort.

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