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  • It’s interesting. I’m in the market for multi-families in the city. A lot of the properties have no copper – no biggie I can just use PEX. Friend has the tools and I’m pretty handy.

    But I blame the city for not taking steps to secure those properties. I mean, where the hell were the cops?

  • I don’t think it is reasonable to expect the police to stake out all 500-900 vacant properties to ensure the copper doesn’t get stolen.

    What would be helpful is if scrapyards wouldn’t buy copper from just any jerk who pulls in with a car full of it. There has got to be a way to account for it.

  • After all the wiring covers were stolen from the brand-new lampposts on Westminster St, I’ve come to the conclusion that scrap metal buyers are the lowest form of life in our society. I would rate drug dealers and used car salesmen higher than them. I mean who the f*** buys this stuff sincerely believing it’s legit? Forget posting policemen in every school – we should post one at every scrapyard and nip this crap in the bud.

  • Also the fence along Cranston Street around the fields behind the vo-tech high school. There are missing sections that seem to have been driven over and sold for scrap. There is no other explanation that makes sense. As far as copper scrap goes, that seems like a lot of work. Too much work for a desparate junkie. What do they get for a house’s worth of copper pipe?

  • I read a few months ago that the country of Tahiti had entirely banned scrap metal buying due to widespread theft. Wasn’t there a recent city law making it illegal to buy/sell city property metal to a scrap yard? This still wouldn’t affect the theft of copper from abandoned houses though – I wonder if it would be possible to require an electrician’s / plumber’s licence to sell wire/ pipe scrap.

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