Providence Mayor’s Center for City Service (401) 421-CITY, Emergencies dial 911
Providence Emergency Management Agency: @PEMA591
Report power outages to National Grid: (800) 465-1212
National Grid Power Outage Map
National Grid: @nationalgridus
Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency: @RhodeIslandEMA
Providence Parking Ban starts at 10pm

The City of Provience also has this CodeRed app they are pushing, but I couldn’t get it to work properly on my phone, YMMV.

Also, shovel your sidewalks!

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2 Responses to SNOW!

  1. Ryan January 24, 2016 at 6:23 pm #

    “Also, shovel your sidewalks!” Because if you don’t, nobody will, because RIDOT and DPW don’t care about pedestrians!

    Remember: cars matter, you don’t. That’s why snow plowed off of the street always ends up piled onto the sidewalks, why every single year we have to have this ridiculous conversation about why it’s the property owner’s responsibility to clear a public way, and why every single time I point this out and suggest that sidewalks be cleared by the appropriate city or state agencies in concert with road clearing I get met with hand-wringing and pearl-clutching about oh gosh that would be so expensive however are we to pay for that??

    It’s because pedestrians don’t matter. That’s why we have fines and shaming of property owners who failed to do the city’s job for it, and also why those fines and shaming never seem to result in the sidewalk actually getting cleared.

  2. Towne Street January 25, 2016 at 10:35 am #

    Saw this:

    A city ordinance that dates back to 1914 says all property owners must shovel their sidewalks within eight hours of the final snowfall, or else face a fine of $25 to $500.

    The city’s Ordinance Committee approved an amendment this week that would allow crews to clear all sidewalks that aren’t being cared for, then bill those property owners.

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