WPRI: Here are the 32 construction projects Mayor Elorza is touting for 2016


Cranes used to construct the Waterplace towers in 2006

Dan McGowan put together a comprehensive list of developments planned for the city in the next year or so. As the past has shown though, we should be careful not to count our Vaporscapers before they’ve hatched.

From the massive life-sciences complex on the former I-195 land to a small expansion of a metal company near the port of Providence, Mayor Jorge Elorza says Rhode Island’s capital city will see between $500 million and $700 million in new construction in 2016.

In his State of the City address last week, Elorza said the city expects more than 30 “major construction projects” to break ground this year, part of a once-in-a-generation boom that could provide a significant boost to the city’s coffers through new tax and permitting revenue.

So where are these new projects located?

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2 Responses to WPRI: Here are the 32 construction projects Mayor Elorza is touting for 2016

  1. barry February 16, 2016 at 10:59 am #

    1000 car spaces at the Garrahy garage? How many employees work at the Court House?
    At $43 million, that is $43,000/space. Who will pay back the $43 million? Is this designed to head off any transit service in the area despite the talk of a south side bus hub?

    $39 million to move the Water Supply offices to some less accessible location? Who approved that? Did ratepayers have any say?

  2. KCB February 16, 2016 at 11:55 am #

    $43,000 / 250 working days per year = 17.2 years payback assuming $10/day

    Sounds like a government project.

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