Oh Hi! Lime Scooters

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I’m sure everyone remembers this summer Bird scooters landed in Providence overnight. Bird did not tell the City they were coming and the City said we have to talk, take those away. And the City made some rules and well, it seems Bird didn’t like those rules because they never came back.

Today, Lime scooters arrived on the sidewalks of Providence.

I don’t know if they are playing by the rules the City set forth, I guess we’ll see…

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  1. Is there another bike company now? I’ve seen some clunky-looking white bikes that kinda look like the clunky red ones.

  2. Author

    There are two JUMP bikes that are decked out in branding for the sponsors, Lifespan and Tufts Health Plan. Those are the white ones with decals on them.

  3. Bird scooters are back, too.
    John, the white bikes are the same as the red JUMP bikes, just painted white and carrying the Lifespan logo, one of the program’s sponsors.

  4. Author

    And there is what is being called an “informal” press conference today at 3pm outside City Hall with Bird Scooters announcing their return. They’ve shown back up on the streets downtown today.

  5. That’s disappointing. I was hoping for a non-Uber alternative.

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