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Snowblogging: Miracle Edition

In GC: Photos, Snow, Weather by Jef Nickerson7 Comments

THAT my friends is a shoveled sidewalk on the Atwells Avenue Bridge over Route 95. Yes, it is true. But wait, don’t think I’m gonna be all sunshine and moonbeams. A for effort to get this thing cleared so soon after last night’s snowicane, but I have complaints. Every winter, at some point this sidewalk does get cleared. But this …

Snowblogging: Sick Day Edition

In GC: Photos, Snow, Weather by Jef Nickerson4 Comments

Ugh, I am sick today, snowblogging will be light as I sit at home and sniffle. I’m looking out the window, when it let’s up I may try a run to Walgreen’s (if they are open) for some medication: Readers are filling in the snowblogging gaps, submit your photos to our Flickr Group or email them to These photos …