LibertyFest!!! – 2009

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To learn about the 2012 LibertyFest, visit the Facebook event page. The July 4th weekend comes upon us once again, and like many other traditions of our day, Smith Hill will be host to the grandest neighborhood party in all the land, the 10th annual LibertyFest! This annual event hits it’s decade mark this year, and will be located in …

Worth A Watch: James Howard Kunstler

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For any that are not familiar with TED, it is a gathering of relevant minds with the purpose of sharing their thoughts on whatever it is that they specialize in. The speakers have ranged from Michelle Obama to John Maeda to this guy, James Howard Kunstler. While this talk does date back to 2004, I felt that it’s points remain …

Our Transportation Secretary wants you out of your car!

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Empty parking lot photo by sameold2008 from Flickr Ray LaHood, Transportation Secretary for the new Obama administration, has recently been quoted as wanting to “coerce people out of their cars.” Good news? Bad news? For many of the readers of this blog, this change in federal attitude towards how people live and get around is a welcome breath of fresh …

Providence ranked #1….

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in Forbes’ list of U.S. cities where it’s hardest to get by. Ummm, hooray? Apparently, using criteria including; unemployment rate, median income, and cost of living, Providence finds itself at the top of this list. I would obviously have to agree, if we’re to go by such strict and narrow indicators, but Forbes puts out lists of whatnot more often …

Holden Street Gallery’s first show of 2009

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Christian and Krystyna Caldarone, two indispensible characters in Smith Hill’s art community are having their first show of the 2009 season at the Holden Street Gallery. From 6pm-9pm tonight and tomorrow night, catch “Back to Nature: Water-soluble Oil Paintings by David Everett,” with live music tomorrow night. 97 Holden Street, Smith Hill, Providence.

U.S. Conference of Mayors in Providence

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It may or may not be news to you that the 77th annual U.S. Conference of Mayors will be taking place in Providence this year, and it seems that Mr. Cicilline has created (well, paid somebody else to create) this spiffy little video to give a taste of what the visiting mayors can expect here. I think the emphasis on the …

Replacement for the Russian Sub?

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Reading Jef’s post below about the U.S.S. Saratoga reminded me of a piece that I had (somewhat) recently read in the Wall Street Journal and had been meaning to post about. The Navy has apparently been looking to find a home for one of it’s top-secret vessels called the “Sea Shadow,” a totally stealth, sea-faring hunk of American badass. This …

The Psychological Necessity of Urban Parks

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A little bee sent an article from The Boston Globe my way. Apparently recent studies have found that the population density of a city is directly related to it’s innovative capacity (which would explain Providence’s music, art, and tech scenes), but the same hussle and bustle of city living that brings us these intellectual prizes also seems to put a …

Providence vs. The Economic Crisis

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For groups such as our own, the usual desire is to focus on a specific set of topics, in a specific area, so as to achieve a specific goal. We aim to be optimistic with our expectations, positive with our critiques, and to avoid sounding overly negative about anything, so as to keep dialogue as open as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes …