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Like: “Moses” Bridge

Moses Bridge

In the Netherlands, RO & AD Architects designed a unique bridge to cross a moat at Fort De Roovere in Halsteren [page in Dutch].

RO & AD architects found it really strange to create a bridge over a canal of a fortification. Especially because the bridge must be built on the side where traditionally the enemy was expected. Therefore, RO & AD architects created a bridge that is not visible from a distance….

The bridge they created places the people crossing it below the waterline, so when seen from afar, the bridge disappears. Hense, the “Moses Bridge.”

More photos and information at Architizer, My Modern Met, and de Architect [page in Dutch].


Like: Chicago’s bus tracker at stops

Chicago bus stop bus tracker

Real time bus tracker at bus stop in Chicago. Photo from @CDOTNews on Twitter via Grid Chicago.

Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Director of the Chicago Department of Transportation Commissioner Gabe Klein (pictured, center with CTA President Forrest Claypool at left), announced today the installation of real-time tracking of buses at bus stops in that city.

It just goes without saying that I like this, right?


Like: A train station with working clocks


The whole train station is now all in the same time zone. Image submitted by Cliff Wood.

There is a very good reason why train stations have clocks, it is so you can know how long you have before your train arrives. So the fact that each clock on the clock tower at the Providence Train Station has displayed a different time for the better part of forever has been a terrible embarrassment.

So thank goodness, the clocks are finally fixed. The above photo was sent in from Cliff Wood at 9 o’clock this morning. This is almost as exciting as when the escalators were finally fixed.



Like: New York Transit “On the Go!” interactive transit kiosks

On the Go! Kiosk

Image (cc) MTAPhotos

New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority has begun rolling out these interactive kiosks in subway stations.

The sleek, stainless steel enclosure supports a large screen with a colorful display, offering customers information about their entire trip, from planning with Trip Planner , real-time service status, escalator & elevator status and local neighborhood maps. In addition, the MTA has partnered with third party developers to include applications which provide additional information, such as local history, shopping and dining options nearby provided by third-party applications Zagat, myCitiapp, and History Bus. As added features, the screens will provide news and weather information. Taken together, this is an unprecedented amount of information made available to subway and commuter rail customers in one handy tool.

Pretty cool. I’m heading to New York next month and will try to find one.


Dislike: Zipcar ad

Zipcar ad

This image was making the rounds on Twitter last week, it looks like it was first Twitted by Bike Blog NYC.

As you can see, the ad depicts a couple of business people very inefficiently carrying a bunch of crap whilst riding bikes in business attire. Their problems could easily be solved by a good messenger bag or some saddle bags on their bikes. They don’t actually need cars.

Yes, the whole point of Zipcar is that indeed, sometimes you might actually need a car. It is great that this company exists for those of us who choose not to own cars. However, implying that it is simply impossible to get to your office without a car is not a message that us car free individuals repsond too. People who feel that way own cars and are not Zipcar’s target audience.

It is actually quite possible for a business person to get to their office on their bike, without need for a car.

Tokyo businessman

Tokyo businessman. Photo (cc) acjeppo


Dislike: NPPD parked on the sidewalk

North Providence Police car parked on the sidewalk

One would think that the North Providence Police would be aware of their PR problem, but that does not stop them from coming to Providence and parking their cars on our sidewalks.

This is at Richmond and Clifford behind the courthouse, and to be fair (though really, there’s no excuse) the entire sidewalk on Clifford from Dorrance to Richmond is littered with cars; presumably driven by people going to court. Why this is allowed to happen when the Courthouse has a superblock sized parking lot behind it, which is never full, is beyond me.

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Dislike: Walking in the street

Photo by Andy Morris

Yes, everytime I run into someone downtown they say, “are you going to write about the sidewalks on Washington Street?”

Truth is, I’m totally avoiding Washington Street if I can help it. A bunch of things are conspiring to result in there often being no sidewalk on either side of Washington Street.

One thing is good, we like it, new sidewalks are being installed, yay! However, when work is being done on a sidewalk, there needs to be a place for people to go, either make pedestrians cross if there is no room, or block off a secion of the road.

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Like: Flower Grenades

Flower Grenades

We like SUCK UK‘s Flower Grenades. Route 195 land anybody?

Gardening’s gone guerilla – You’ve seen them, you may have looked away, but you’ve seen them. Those forgotten areas of the estate, left to fall apart and fall into disrepair. The municipal scrubland where nothing can grow… Or can it? Turn the concrete jungle into a wilderness with our compacted wild flower seed grenades.

Buttercups and Poppies will take at least 3 weeks to start growing Ryegrass will be the first thing to grow after about one week

Via: Life on Foot