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Like: Flower Grenades

Flower Grenades

We like SUCK UK‘s Flower Grenades. Route 195 land anybody?

Gardening’s gone guerilla – You’ve seen them, you may have looked away, but you’ve seen them. Those forgotten areas of the estate, left to fall apart and fall into disrepair. The municipal scrubland where nothing can grow… Or can it? Turn the concrete jungle into a wilderness with our compacted wild flower seed grenades.

Buttercups and Poppies will take at least 3 weeks to start growing Ryegrass will be the first thing to grow after about one week

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Like: Greater Greater Washington Metro Map Contest

If you’re like me, you love maps (and ice cream, and gin & tonic, and Law & Order UK). And if you love maps, you’re gonna love the DC Metro Map redesign contest being hosted at Greater Greater Washington.

Metro is working now on new Silver Line service which will eventually reach Dulles Airport in Virginia also, new rush hour services are being introduced. These changes prompted the redesign contest.

You can see all the entries on their Contest Page (voting is closed), and see the first two posts on winners in different categories here and here.


Like: Sura’s sign

Photo of Sura’s nice new sign on Westminster Street from my lunchtime walk the other day. I understand that the Japanese/Korean style restaurant plans to open next week. When I walked by they had a little box taped to the wall in the entryway to collect resumes.


Like: Chafee to pursue Florida’s rejected high speed rail funds

Amtrak Acela arriving in Providence

Photo (cc) Michael Dietsch

featured-likeProJo reports that Governor Chafee’s administration will pursue part of the $2.4 billion in high speed rail funding that Florida Governor Rick Scott rejected.

“The state is encouraged by this funding opportunity,” [Chafee spokesman Christian] Vareika said in a statement. “The state is currently examining potential projects and will be working closely with its New England partners to evaluate the potential benefits of a regional approach.”

Did he say “regional approach?” Yum.

The administration has until April 4th to submit a proposal for funding to the Federal Government.

So, what should we do with high speed rail money (locally or regionally) assuming we get some? I vote renovate and expand Providence Station with an eye toward increased usage and intermodal connections to the future Core Connector.


Like: Roland Ries Mayor of Strasbourg, France

Transportation Nation reports on a plan by the city of Strasbourg in France to reduce that city’s speed limit to 18mph (30km/h) to reduce the incidence of collisions, especially those involving pedestrians and bicycles and to make for a truly shared streets environment. In the report, Mayor Roland Ries is quoted:

The public roads no longer belong to automobiles alone. They must be re-imagined to be redistributed in a fairer manner between all forms of transportation. The protection of the most vulnerable is thus reinforced in zones in which all users have access but in which the pedestrian is king.

We like Mayor Reis

Image from Wikipedia

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Like: Signs at new TD Bank branch

I’m liking the signs on the new TD Bank branch on Dorrance Street. I’m also liking how much glazing there is on the ground floor and how bright it is.

According to their website this branch will be open until 8pm on Thursdays and Fridays, ensuring that it stays brightly lit into the early evening. We’ll see what their overnight lighting is like and how it effects the atmosphere on the street.

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