383 West Fountain Street Renovations

Way, way, way back in 2005 in the UrbanPlanet days, Armory Revival had plans for a new building at this site. As with many things in the middle of the last decade, that didn’t happen. Fast forward to today though and Armory Revival is doing a nice renovation of the block.


Providence to Create New Historic Landmarks District

As part of the Re: Zoning process, the City of Providence has designated a new historic landmarks district. Also, the City will remove buildings which have been demolished form the Industrial and Commercial Buildings District; which begs the question, why is there and ICBD if buildings in it are getting demolished?


Election 2014: Mayoral Candidates Surveys

As in 2010, this year we are seeking your input on those surveys. We will be sending surveys to the candidates for Providence Mayor by the end of the month; please use the comments section the questions you’d like the candidates to answer. When the candidates return the surveys, we will be posting the results […]


→ WJAR: New apartments coming soon behind Garden City

This won’t be car-free urbanist living to be sure, the article describes the development as featuring underground parking with elevator access, but it will give people the option of dipping their toes into the environment of living closely with neighbors, the option to at least consider walking to Garden City to buy groceries or have […]


News & Notes

Car-free in Helsinki, history of hating cities, ideas from Somerville, and more in today’s News & Notes.