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→ PBN: Paolino purchases three properties downtown for $60M


Image from Google Streetview

Paolino Properties has purchased a package of three high-profile properties in Providence’s Financial District for $60 million, the company announced Wednesday.

The acquisitions include the 20-story tower at 100 Westminster St., the five-story building next door at 30 Kennedy Plaza and the Weybosset Street Metropark lot across the street that features the propped-up façade of the former Providence National Bank Building.

The article goes into plans for the buildings and vacant parcel which all sound great, look at me, I’m all surprised over here. One wonders, and one is not just me people are talking, where the former Mayor is getting funds for all this. Wonders about funding instill fears about the viability of the proposed plans. Fingers crossed good things happen, would be very good for Kennedy Plaza as well as Westminster Street.


Parking cat fight Downcity?

35 Weybosset Street

In reading this month’s Zoning Board of Review agenda , I came across this:

APPELLANT: GP Arcade Garage, LLC
PROPERTY OWNER: 110 Providence Owner, LLC
SUBJECT PROPERTY: Vacant land located at 90 Westminster Street, a/k/a Lot 123 on the Tax Assessor’s Plat 20
ZONING DISTRICTS: D-1 Downtown Central Business District and DD Downcity Overlay District (A Street) The Appellant is appealing the Director’s decision to issue a building permit (No. B2011-3886, dated November 29, 2011) contending that the proposed construction of a surface parking lot is in violation of Sections 502 and 502.2(F)(3) of the Zoning Ordinance

So that would be the owners for the Arcade Garage on Weybosset Street arguing that the owners of the lot at 35 Weybosset Street/110 (90) Westminster Street, should not be allowed to have a surface parking lot at that location because it goes against the Zoning Ordinance.

Here’s the sections cited[1]:

Section 502 – Downcity District
The purpose of the Downcity District is to encourage and direct development in the downtown to ensure that: new development is compatible with the existing historic building fabric and the historic character of downtown; historic structures are preserved, and design alterations are in keeping with historic character; development encourages day and nighttime activities that relate to the pedestrian and promote the arts, entertainment and housing; and that the goals of the Comprehensive Plan are achieved. The design of the exterior of all buildings, open spaces and all exterior physical improvements in the Downcity District shall be regulated and approved through development plan review in accordance with the provisions of this section.


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What Cheer/What Jeer 2011

We’re taking a look back at 2011. What Cheering the good and What Jeering the bad.

whatcheer195 Demolition

You guys all know there are like a dozen cities all over the country that are insanely jealous that we tore down our downtown expressway, right?

Putting aside what happens with the 195 Commission (we’ll talk about that in a minute), it is so totally awesome that the highway is gone. Even without any development happening yet, the Jewelry District has been transformed. Suddenly, with the highway gone, people realize the Jewelry District is on the edge of Downcity. And while the sidewalks aren’t exactly jammed, it is certainly noticeable how many people now choose to walk between Downcity and the Jewelry District, who would not before.

Chestnut Street

Route 195 being torn down at Chestnut Street in the Jewelry District

whatcheerBroadway Bike Lanes / Gano Street Sharrows

Anticipated since at least 2008, bike lanes finally showed up on Broadway in 2011.

We also saw the city’s first sharrows show up on Gano and other streets, helping to connect the East Bay and Blackstone bike paths.

Let’s hope we see more bike infrastructure sprouting up on streets all over town in 2012.

whatcheer35 Weybosset Façade

It is going to mean a parking lot, but a parking lot was in the cards all along, we’ve saved the façade for future use and that is going to greatly blunt the impact of the parking lot.

Thanks to the Providence Preservation Society, the Providence Revolving Fund, and all others involved in saving the façade.

35 weybosset rendered

Image: © Chad Gowey 2010. All rights reserved.

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The good news is the façade will be saved

The bad news is the pocket park in that rendering, was artistic license.

35 Weybosset

PPS Executive Director James Hall (l) and Providence Mayor Angel Taveras

Work to move the steel reinforcements from the façade at 35 Weybosset Street and reopen the sidewalk are expected to begin any day now and be completed in January of 2012. With the steel moved to the back, the city will be able to re-open the sidewalk to pedestrians and finish re-paving Weybosset Street through to Turks Head.

In addition to moving the steel, re-opening the sidewalk, and fixing the street, Pezzuco Construction will restore the masonry and weatherize the façade.

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New Plan for 35 Weybosset Street Façade to be Announced

35 weybosset rendered

Image: © Chad Gowey 2010. All rights reserved.

Monday, November 14, 2011, 10:00 am, 35 Weybosset Street

On Monday, November 14, Providence Mayor Angel Taveras will join the preservation community to announce new plans for the Providence National Bank Building façade. The façade was saved in 2005 when developers proposed to build the tallest residential tower in downtown Providence on the abutting property. Steel bracing has supported the façade since development stalled several years ago, blocking the pedestrian sidewalk on Weybosset Street and disrupting the street’s unique curvature. The Providence Preservation Society, the Providence Revolving Fund, and the City of Providence have been discussing the future of the site with O’Connor Capital Partners for the past year, and new plans for the façade will restore lower Weybosset’s historic streetscape.

Our previous coverage of the 35 Weybosset Façade. Notably, 35 Weybosset Façade: Options


Downcity Design Review Committee Meeting (35 Weybosset Façade on agenda) – September 12, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011 – 4:45pm
Department of Planning and Development
1st Floor Meeting Room
444 Westminster Street, Providence, RI 02903


Opening Session

  • Call to Order
  • Roll Call
  • Approval of Meeting Minutes of August 15, 2011

New Business

35 Weybosset Street

1. DRC Application No. 11.12: 90, 102 and 110 Westminster Street & 35 Weybosset Street (undeveloped lot with remaining façade of 35 Weybosset Street)
Proposal to relocate the structural steel supporting the Weybosset Street façade from the right-of-way to the interior of the lot, and to conduct repairs to the façade.

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