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Wheelchair accessible taxicabs coming to Rhode Island


If you don’t use a wheelchair yourself (or no one you know does), you might not have realized that until now, no taxi companies in Rhode Island had wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Now, thanks to work by RIPTA and funding secured by Senator Reed, we are for the first time bringing accessible taxis to Rhode Island. Some have already started operating.

The taxis are modified Dodge Caravans that allow a person in a wheelchair to access the vehicle directly from the back without having to leave their chair. The configuration of the vehicle allows for other passengers not in wheelchairs to also ride in the cab. There is no additional charge for the accessible taxi service.

Learn more in the press release from RIPTA below:

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News & Notes

RIPTA restoring 100 daily runs with re-opening of Warwick Mall [Warwick Beacon]
I had no idea 100 trips ran to Warwick Mall, probably because that is the total of 3 different bus lines. There must be someway for RIPTA to make it more apparent that so many buses go to the mall.

Massachusetts Congressional Delegation Touts “Death Knell” for LNG [Newport Now]

Not just another strip mall [South County Independent]
Nice to see someone in South County editorializing against sprawl. However, it is maddening to learn that The Kingstown Road Special Management District prohibits drive-thru windows. Drive-thrus are banned in the sprawling hinterland of Peace Dale, but not on Hope Street in Providence. Ugh.

Free Parking Comes at a Price [The New York Times]

Access Denied Flickr Group
“This group is a place to show how inaccessible the world can be to wheelchair users, and people with all kinds of disabilities.”

[Flickr via Transportation for America]