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Real life Frogger

In Pedestrians, Weather by Jef Nickerson2 Comments

This police officer on her phone in her cruiser was no help to me as I was forced to play a real life game of Frogger crossing Atwells and Dean this morning when the traffic lights were out due to the storm. The officer at Atwells and the Service Road was only slightly more helpful.

Update on Garibaldi Park

In Parks/Open Space by Jef Nickerson3 Comments

Image from Bing Maps A couple weeks ago a site fence went up around Garibaldi Park on Federal Hill (where the arch is). I recieved this notice from a tentant at West Exchange Center with an explanation of the work happening: Garibaldi Park Revitalization Project Sponsorship Opportunities The Omni Group is proud to formally announce that they have adopted Garibaldi …

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Snow as traffic calming

In Roads, Snow by Jef Nickerson18 Comments

Currently, due to the snow, Atwells Avenue is a good 4 to 6 or more feet narrower than usual. Yet, cars are able to park on both sides and traffic is able to flow smoothly in both directions (in most areas, some places the snow is totally out of control). Which proves my point that the road is too wide …

Obviously, someone is trying to make me angry

In Snow by Jef Nickerson19 Comments

As I was walking home I was pretty amazed that some sidewalks were actually dry, amazing! I ran into some problems in the LaSalle Square area and at the Atwells Bridge, where there was no way to get from the sidewalk into the street to cross the street. Those challenges were mostly forgotten as I was quickly making my way …