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Bank of America to leave the “Superman” Building, now what?

Providence, RI

ProJo reports this morning that Bank of America has officially decided that it will leave the Superman Building to consolidate it’s Providence office space.

While the move has been long rumored with former Mayor Paolino calling on Sen. Jack Reed to intervene (Reed declined saying it was an issue for the City and State to address), the official word comes out today.

The Journal’s report says the bank would leave the building in April of 2013.

So, with Rhode Island’s tallest and arguably most iconic building on the verge of emptying out and going dark, what do we think should be done with it?


  • Built in 1927
  • 26 Floors
  • 428 feet tall
  • 350,000 sq. feet of office space
  • Owned by High Rock Westminster, LLC
  • Purchased in Jan. 2008 for $33 million