Put a cone on the bike lane

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A New York cyclist gets a ticket for not riding in the bike lane, and then makes a video to illustrate why bikes sometimes must leave the bike lane. Providence cyclists will be disappointed to not see sand and broken glass as bike lane obstacles in this video.

PPAC Square

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Click Image to enlarge Today the Mayor’s Office held a press conference announcing the designation of the intersection of Weybosset and Mathewson Streets as “PPAC Square.” This is part of the larger Downtown Circulator Project. Speakers included the Mayor, Director of Planning and Development Thom Deller, Joe Walsh the Chairman of the PPAC Board, and Laurie White of the Greater …

News & Notes

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A jury finds Maryland liable for the death of a pedestrian due to missing sidewalks, an oil company CEO calls for a $1 gas tax, and interview with Jaime Lerner former mayor of Curitiba, Brazil, and more in today’s News & Notes.

News & Notes

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Tea Partiers See a Global Conspiracy in Local Planning Efforts [Next American City] Some might say that the Tea Party’s platform contains some contradictions. It seems that they’re|like most people, really|willing to ignore those spending programs from which they benefit directly. The subsidization of suburbia is one of these beneficial spending programs, too. But the nature of this subsidy is …

Videos: London Bicycle Superhighways

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London recently launched a series of what they are calling, Cycle Superhighways along roads in the city. Below are some videos of the superhighways in user by gaz545 from YouTube: Barclays Cycle Superhighway Route 7 – Colliers Wood to The City Barclays Cycle Superhighway Route 3 – Barking to Tower Gateway Cycle Super Highway Route 7 Via GOOD

Building a Better Block in Dallas

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What Made a “Better Block”? Oh, Just the Fact You Could Walk, Shop, Drink and Hang Out and Not Get Run Over. – Dallas Observer Protected bike lane, road diet, parklet, pop-up retail, and it only took a day to put together.

195 Street Grid Part 7: Wickenden Bike Lanes

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Something I did not touch on in my last post on the Wickeneden alternatives was the bike lanes. The image above shows Point Street coming in from the left continuing across to Wickenden Street. South Water Street crosses from top to bottom, north is more or less up. The plan is for the Point Street Bridge to have sharrows allow …