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Lane shift on Weybosset, students back

Weybosset Street

The lanes on Weybosset Street have shifted over to the new concrete road bed at PPAC Square. Removal of the old blacktop is underway infront of PPAC.

They are hard to see in the photo (I should hace taken a better one), but notice the new streetlights. One lamp hangs over the roadway, a lower one hangs over the sidewalk. Space above the sidewalk lamp allows for banners to be attached to the post.

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Video: I almost drowned!

This was me walking swimming back to the office after lunch today.

The guy running into the red pick up at the end of the first part… yes, he did have a pot bellied pig under his arm.


Route 195 demolition at the Chestnut Street Overpass

The final Route 195 overpass on the west side of the river started coming down today in earnest. Chestnut Street is currently closed at the Old Route 195 and crews are furoiously working removing the bridge. The entire Jewelry District is shaking as they bang away at it.

Here’s a few photos I took this morning:

Chestnut Street

Under the bridge. Everyone got all weepy when the murals came down on Wickenden Street, no love for the mural on Chestnut?

Chestnut Street

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Chestnut Street closed June 15-29 for Route 195 removal

Aerial photo of Route 195 at Chestbut Street
Photo from RIDOT

RIDOT is scheduled to temporarily close a portion of Chestnut Street in Providence, between Clifford Street and Friendship Street at the old I-195 overpass, on Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at 6am. This segment of Chestnut Street will remain closed for approximately two weeks, reopening by June 29, 2011. All schedules are weather-dependent and subject to change.

The closure is necessary to allow for safe demolition of the old highway bridge, part of a $6.8 million Iway demolition contract.

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Sign of progress

Photo by Jef Nickerson

This sign went up yesterday at the parking lot under Route 195 at Chestnut Street. Kicking the parked cars out is a sign of the highway coming down soon (Yay!). Not sure if the other overpasses (Eddy, etc.) have these signs yet, but I assume they will soon.