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Video: Winter biking in Copenhagen

Copenhagen January Cycling – Your Country from Copenhagenize on Vimeo.

Copenhagenize posts a video of cyclists in the cold and snow in Copenhagen this month. Note the bikeway snowplows in the video.

Worth mentioning – because I’ve been asked the question a few times of late – that we don’t used studded tires or any other gadgest or gizmos or extra gear in the snow. Just the same squeaky, wobbly and half-flat tires as the rest of the year.

People just slow down. Simple as that. Riding straight in snow is hardly a challenge unless you’re on super skinny racy tires – which you’re not in the snow, duh – and on corners you just take it easy.

Just slow down would be good advice to drivers around here too.

What always strikes me about video from Copenhagen or Amsterdam is that no one seems to wear bike helmets. That’s madness to me, especially in the snow.