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UrbanTimes: 10 Ways to Improve Your City through Public Space Public spaces are increasingly being recognized as a crucial ingredient for successful cities, and for their ability to revitalize and create economic and social development opportunities. But actually finding ways to build and maintain healthy public space remains elusive to many municipal governments, especially in the developing world. The vast …

News & Notes

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EU to replace short haul flights with high-speed rail, “True Urbanism” vs “Hipster Urbanism,” public participation, and more in today’s News & Notes.

News & Notes

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A Fall River to Cape Cod regional bike route, Athens, Greece a city without suburbs, RIDOT rolls the ball on charging for highway sign ads over to the General Assembly, and more in today’s News & Notes.

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Peter Brassard: The Core Connector system should connect more than just Downtown

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This post was submitted Greater City: Providence reader Peter Brassard. If you’ve written something you’d like us to consider posting, please contact us and let us know. Providence’s Core Connector transit system should be based on its ability to interconnect the city’s Occupation Districts and cultural venues, not just to Downtown and parts of the East Side and South Providence. …

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News & Notes

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The Providence Journal: Endangered properties Really ProJo? Really!? You’re running a list of the Providence Preservation Society’s 10 Most Endangered Buildings and not anywhere in the piece mentioning that you requested and were given permission to tear one down, making it now the list of 9 Most Endangered Properties? Way to do some reporting there. StreetsBlog: “Forgiving” Distracted Driving Won’t …

Warwick Intermodal Station spurs development proposal

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As the intermodal station at T.F. Green rapidly works towards completion, expecting trains to arrive next year, it is already spurring development in the area in anticipation. Michael D’Ambra currently owns an asphalt plant adjacent to the train station which he plans to turn into a $300 million hotel and office complex. In addition to the asphalt plant, D’Ambra’s construction …

195 Street Grid Part 5: A look at lot sizes

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In Part 4 much of the discussion revolved around lot sizes. Comment by Corey Call me naive, but personally, I would take some of the parcels not targeted for institutional use, subdivide them, and then sell the subdivided lots individually; much more in line with what would have been done in the 18th or 19th centuries. […] It also allows …

Could the schools help provide needed transit for Downtown?

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In the comments section of the post about the Route 195 surplus land redevelopment report there is an interesting discussion (recommended reading) going on about dividing the parcels into smaller lots to create a more granular Downcity-like development pattern in the Route 195 land. Part of that discussion is the realization that we need better transit options throughout the Downcity …

CO2 per acre versus per household

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The Housing + Transportation Affordability Index has a number of tools for generating affordability maps. Above is the Providence Metropolitan Area CO2 use per acre (on right) versus CO2 use by household (left). I can’t hyperlink directly to the Providence map, but go here and choose “Providence-Fall River-Warwick, RI-MA” from the drop down where is says “change region.” As you …

Our Transportation Secretary wants you out of your car!

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Empty parking lot photo by sameold2008 from Flickr Ray LaHood, Transportation Secretary for the new Obama administration, has recently been quoted as wanting to “coerce people out of their cars.” Good news? Bad news? For many of the readers of this blog, this change in federal attitude towards how people live and get around is a welcome breath of fresh …

Rep. Segal reports on a couple bills up in the Assembly

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Site of current Old Public Safety Building Memorial Parking Lot Over on the Dose, Rep. Segal highlights a couple interesting bills: Restoration of the historic tax credits, for projects with a lot of affordable housing. (I’m open to considering expansions, if it miraculously gets moving, but would certainly want it to be tighter than the original version.) Demolition bonds for …

The Psychological Necessity of Urban Parks

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A little bee sent an article from The Boston Globe my way. Apparently recent studies have found that the population density of a city is directly related to it’s innovative capacity (which would explain Providence’s music, art, and tech scenes), but the same hussle and bustle of city living that brings us these intellectual prizes also seems to put a …

The Parking Crisis Illustrated

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Download printable copies When the future of Downcity is discussed, through planning and charrette processes, one of the hottest topics is parking, or the lack thereof. The parking situation has been described at times as a “Crisis.” Above is an illustration of our “Parking Crisis.” Now not all of these lots and garages are open to the public, some are …

REBOOT: Dean Street Interchange and Viaduct

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Click image to enlarge [box style=”red”]REBOOT is an occasional series of posts on GC:PVD where we identify areas of the city that display poor urbanism and propose ways to improve them. Our interventions may be simple and quite easily realized, or they may at times be grand and possibly take years or decades to complete. Either way, we hope they …

N. Main Meeting “Take-Home” Points

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As the phrase goes, we were at last night’s meeting so you didn’t have to be… All three speakers were excellent, but Christine Malecki West of Kite Architects in particular made three key points that are right in line with Greater City Providence sensibilities: Cities are green: Urban living, with its density, walkability, and shared resources is inherently “green” and …