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ProJo: R.I. Senate Majority Leader Ruggerio wants state control of taxes on former Rt. 195 land, tax-stabilization deal


Senate Majority Leader Dominick J. Ruggerio expects to submit legislation Thursday that would establish state control over the taxes to be paid on former Route 195 highway parcels in the capital city, creating a 20-year tax-stabilization agreement for private developers and removing the city’s control over what taxes would be paid.

Ruggerio led work in 2011 to create the I-195 Redevelopment District Commission, which now owns 26 acres of former highway land and seeks to develop the land in a way that stimulates the state’s economy. The land panel just last week extended the deadline for a private developer seeking to build on the land to get a tax-stabilization agreement with the city.

“The administration and the I-195 commission have repeatedly stated they cannot successfully encourage development without the City of Providence creating tax-stabilization standards. Unfortunately, the establishment of clear and predictable tax rates for the I-195 district have not come to fruition,” Ruggerio said in a statement. “We cannot afford to wait any longer. The development of I-195 is critical to Rhode Island’s economic recovery and this legislation will encourage investment, job creation and economic growth.”

I think the City has not been fast enough in moving on their part of getting the land developed. However, I think the administration and the City Council are waiting to hear from the State how we’ll be reimbursed for creating these incentives that theoretically are boosting the economy of the entire state, not just Providence.

Providence carries a heavy burden of hosting so many jobs and so much infrastructure that makes the very existance of this state possible, but doesn’t get very much back for its trouble.

Ruggerio said he last met with Elorza probably in February, but he hadn’t shared his legislation with Elorza before releasing it today.

Well that is just rude. If you’re representing my city, and you’re moving to take away my taxing authority, a phone call or a text, maybe a fax, is in order.


What Cheer / What Jeer 2012

It is that time of year for us to take a look back and What Cheer the good and What Jeer the bad.

whatcheerWork commences on the Washington Bridge Linear Park

It has been in the works for years, but finally RIDOT has started work on the Washington Bridge Linear Park.

Through a $22 million contract, RIDOT will rebuild the remaining section of the original Washington Bridge that carries the existing bikeway and a section of the original highway bridge. In the same footprint will be a much wider bikeway and linear park. It will feature a separate bikeway and walking path, scenic overlooks, park benches, flag poles, decorative lighting and landscaped planters. The project also calls for restoration of the historic, multi-arch granite façade of the Washington Bridge and two operator’s houses from which an original drawbridge was controlled.

When opened, the new linear park will be named the George Redman Linear Park, after the East Providence resident who was instrumental in making the East Bay Bike Path a reality 25 years ago. Redman continues to advocate for bike path development across the state.

whatcheerWind Turbines at Fields Point

While they were installed in January, the whole City was speculating when the would finally start spinning. Turns out they wouldn’t start up until October. But now they are finally spinning and adding some environmental goodness to the Providence skyline. Hope we’ll some more.

whatcheerOvernight parking expansion

While it has been studied endlessly for years (even as the rest of the world seemed to be able to embrace it and not devolve into chaos), in April, overnight parking has finally started spreading throughout the City.

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PHOTO OP: Demolition of house to make way for parking

STATE HOUSE, Providence – A vacant house adjacent to the Salvatore Mancini Resource & Activity Center will be demolished tomorrow thanks to the efforts of Senate Majority Leader Dominick J. Ruggerio (D – Dist. 4, North Providence, Providence). After the town’s purchase of the property and transfer to the Mancini Center, the Majority Leader worked to find a construction company to demolish the house at no charge. Manafort Brothers, Inc. is volunteering to demolish the house. The Mancini Center will use the property for additional parking.


This is our Senate leadership

Watch Senate President M. Teresa Paiva Weed’s statement:

Ciccone steps down from leadership role:


No word from the Senate President on Senator Ruggerio who was the one who actually plead to refusing a breathalizer.

There’s also this from the Journal:

Senate Majority Leader Dominick Ruggerio on Wednesday called Sen. Frank Ciccone’s decision to resign from two of his committee posts “courageous.”

“Obviously he is thinking about the Senate as an institution,” Ruggerio said after the regular Senate session ended. “I wish him the best and he is my friend and I am sure things will work out.”

Yes, courageous that Ciccone, who along with Ruggerio, works for Laborers International Union of North America, will remain the Vice-Chair of the Senate Labor Committee. What does organized labor in Rhode Island think of all this, threatening police officers pensions?

You know what would have been courageous? Putting your drunk friend in a cab.

Ruggerio also stated that he would stay in his post as Senate Majority Leader (the number 2 spot in that chamber) and remain on all his committees. People, Ruggerio was the drunk driver, Ruggerio was the one who could have killed someone.


Oopsie! Apparently the RI Senate thinks Drunk Driving is no big deal.

RuggeiroSurely you’ve heard that Senate Majority Leader Dominick Ruggerio who represents the North End of Providence and North Providence was arrested for driving drunk and refusing a breathalizer early Wednesday morning.

As WPRI reports:

Ruggerio stopped his car, a black Buick sedan, in the middle of the road instead of pulling over to the side and later failed a field sobriety test, according to the arrest report. Patrolman Walter Larson, the arresting officer, said Ruggerio had bloodshot, watery eyes, “heavily slurred speech,” “a strong odor of consumed alcohol” on his breath and swayed from side to side.

Ruggerio has been described as “taking full responsiblity for his actions.” However, WPRI quotes him as saying:

“Last evening the vehicle I was driving in Barrington was pulled over by the Barrington Police. I declined a breathalyzer test.” He did not say whether he was inebriated at the time.

The vehicle you were driving in? No Senator, you were pulled over because you were driving drunk. Though you refused a breathalizer hoping to you could beat the rap. That does not full responsibility make.

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Rumor: tree removal?

Tree at 28 Foch Avenue

July 6, 2011 – 2pm: We are pulling this story for 24 hours.

Waiting on a response from the city.

In 2004, the City passed a regulation in its Zoning Ordinance (Sec. 425.1, “Removal of Significant Trees”) that protects trees that are 32 inches in diameter or greater (measured 4.5 feet above the ground), regardless of location. No “Significant Tree” shall be removed without prior permission of the City Forester. Any person wishing to remove a Significant Tree shall file a request to do so with the City Forester. The request must meet certain criteria in order to receive approval, most notably that the tree poses a danger to human safety, health, and welfare. Call the City Forester at 785-9450 for more information

Route 195 Redevelopment District Commission passes the Senate

The Providence Journal reports on last night’s passage of the Route 195 Redevelopment District Commission through the Senate.

After spirited debate Thursday that centered on how much power to grant seven individuals, the state Senate approved a bill that creates a commission that could decide almost everything about how to develop a prime piece of real estate in the capital city.

The Senate voted 26 to 9, with 3 abstaining, on the bill that could determine the future of 35 acres available for development since the relocation of Route 195.

Senator Rhoda Perry who represents Providence’s East Side voted against the legislation. A breakdown of the Senate votes can be found here.

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News & Notes: Things in the ProJo you should read Edition

The Journal had a few good articles this weekend that we all should be reading:

Editorial: Stop Route 195 commission

The overriding state interest in the land is its federally mandated sale at fair-market value. A commission is not required for that. Indeed, a commission may retard both the land’s sale and its development.

Instead, the land should be sold to be developed under existing municipal authority. Let market forces guide its progress. That would be much more efficient than seven commissioners and their train of agencies, lawyers, consultants and other hangers-on. In fact, as of now the bill looks as if it is intended to create the next secure feed bag for the well-connected.

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Route 195 land reuse bill moving swiftly, too swiftly?

News on legislation at the State House to decide how the Route 195 land freed up by the relocation of the highway has been moving swiftly today. So swiftly it is hard to keep up. Forgive me as I drop some links instead of write my own post about it.

First, this morning ProJo published, State, city at odds over Route 195 land panel.

The governor would appoint four members and the Providence mayor, three, according to legislation introduced Thursday by Senate Majority Leader Dominick J. Ruggerio, D-Providence, at a hearing of the Senate Committee on Housing and Municipal Government.

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