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Snowblogging: Twice in one week!

I am going to try to not sidewalk rant here. It is still snowing, so by right, no one is required to have their sidewalks clear, but expect a little ranting to sneak in, I can’t help myself!

I was out between noon and 1pm and did a big loop through Downcity to Waterplace and back.

Snow - January 21, 2012

Right off the bat, a little rant, I told you I can’t help myself. Well not so much a rant as a surprise; the sidewalks at Dominica Manor have not been touched today. They do not need to be per regulations, but they are usually out clearing snow all day on a day like this. Budget problems?

I didn’t take a photo, but as always, Angelo’s was clear. Someone was out shoveling and salting as I walked by.

Again, dumbfounded here, my ranting is bearing fruit. Someone (I assume the City though it is a State bridge) dumped a metric ton of salt on the Atwells Avenue Bridge sidewalks.

Snow - January 21, 2012

Of course then the plows pushed snow up on top of it. The sidewalk on the other side faired better and was actually clear, even as I walked back and the snow was getting heavier.

Snow - January 21, 2012

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Snowblogging: Miracle Edition

Snow - January 27, 2011

THAT my friends is a shoveled sidewalk on the Atwells Avenue Bridge over Route 95. Yes, it is true.

But wait, don’t think I’m gonna be all sunshine and moonbeams. A for effort to get this thing cleared so soon after last night’s snowicane, but I have complaints.

Every winter, at some point this sidewalk does get cleared. But this is never cleared:

Snow - January 27, 2011

The traffic island on the Downcity side. If I walk all the way over the bridge, the crosswalk drops me on this traffic island, which now has about 3 feet of snow on it. Even on the miraculous day when the bridge sidewalk is cleared, this never is, so it is into the street with me.

But there’s some equal opportunity non-snow clearing at work this morning:

Snow - January 27, 2011

The right turn turbo lane from Atwells to the 95 ramp is not touched at all, which was surprising to see. Guess what, the traffic works just fine with out it. Drivers pull up to the light, turn on their directional, and make a right. I say let’s just get rid of that stupid turbo lane, I say we ban all turbo lanes.

Let’s take a look at the rest of my commute.

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Dunk’s South Plaza Update

I snapped this quick pic of the South Plaza at the Dunk last week. Since then the landscaping has been finished and the construction fences have come down, I think it is done.

A comment in the previous post about this stated that there would be a lighting component to the plaza.

“Dubbed The Horizon Garden, Kim’s plan would transform the Dunk’s southwest corner into a small-scale sculpture park, complete with pedestrian-friendly benches and walkways and other landscaping features. At its center, the park would feature a sculpture, also designed by Kim, consisting of a perforated stainless steel screen dotted with thousands of button-size pieces of recycled glass.”

I haven’t yet been by at night to see if the lighting portion is working yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing it.


The Dunk’s south plaza

I have bemoaned before that the south plaza* at The Dunk (the entrance facing the Hilton) was unfinished and sad.

Thankfully, the last several weeks, work has been going on to finish the south plaza. There has been all sorts of fencing blocking the view of what they were doing, but today I was able to get a good look at it.

Dunkin Donuts Center

Dunkin Donuts Center

Obviously no landscaping is in yet, but already it is an improvement. The curved lines are remeniscent of the sidewalk treatment between the Convention Center and the Westin, I’m assuming that is purposeful.

This is what the renderings showed of the south plaza when The Dunk was being redeveloped.

Obviously they are doing something different, but it would be nice if those umbrella tables carried through to the new design. We’ll see how it develops as they finish it up.

*I don’t know what that area is called, if it even has a name, I call it the south plaza, not too original, I know.


Woe is The Dunk

Yesterday’s Journal reported on the financial constraints at the Dunkin Donuts Center. While the shiny new Dunk opened to much fanfare and promises of increased income for the state (the Dunk’s owner) and visitors to the city, we all know that the economy jumped off a cliff and took all those revenue and visitors with it.

Certainly the economy has hurt the Dunk, but also, I never have any idea what is happening at the Dunk. The old Dunk had a seriously old variable message sign out front that advertised upcoming events.


As you can see above, the Dunk hosted Hillary Duff in July of 2005 (the sign also says it was 115°, I can assure you, it was not). Though there was an LED screen in earlier renderings of the renovated arena, it was phased out of later renderings as the price of renovations rose over time. So now there is no passive way to see what is coming up at the Dunk.


I mean if you knew the Dunk was hosting a Beatles Reunion tonight you would have totally bought tickets, right? A big LED screen costs a pretty penny, which is why it was dropped I would assume, but having something outside that advertises events helps get people in the door. How many people drove by the Dunk recently blissfully unaware that the Flower Show or Boat Show was taking place inside? And how many people would have stopped and paid admission had they realized what they were missing. Sadly, it is probably not gonna happen in this economic climate. And it is probably not appropriate to use stimulus money for it. Too bad, I love big bright signs.

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