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Governing: Tree Population Falling in Cities Trees have a tough life in cities. They face heavy stress from storms, insects, air pollution, road salt, low-quality soil and even reckless drivers. Yet the benefits of a healthy tree population are vast, from the numerous environmental qualities to the aesthetic value that comes with a green canopy in a city park or …

News & Notes

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EU to replace short haul flights with high-speed rail, “True Urbanism” vs “Hipster Urbanism,” public participation, and more in today’s News & Notes.

News & Notes

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A Fall River to Cape Cod regional bike route, Athens, Greece a city without suburbs, RIDOT rolls the ball on charging for highway sign ads over to the General Assembly, and more in today’s News & Notes.

European Suburbs Grow Smart, US Snoozes…

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Well, that’s essentially the theme of this NY Times article titled “Europe Imagines Suburbs Without a Car.” While trying to make the content “fair and balanced” in a Fox News-ish sort of way, it’s impossible to escape the tone and tenor of the article suggesting that the Europeans are waaay ahead of us on this. They have a deeper commitment …