Epic webhost #FAIL

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If you tried to visit our site at any time since Tuesday morning, you were likely met with an error message of some sort, or a temporary message about our site being down. Temporary turned into five days as our hosting company, Dreamhost failed us spectacularly this week. If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you got the play …

Demolition FAIL

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This planned implosion of a building in China went awry. The building was later dismantled by crane. This one is from a few years ago in Sioux Falls, SD. Hackney in London, 1985.

Video: Stroll Federal Hill? Walk lights FAIL

In Pedestrians by Jef Nickerson8 Comments

Over the last month or so, much work has been done to the signals along the Service Roads on the west side of Route 95. At first it was pretty good, new LED walk lights with countdowns went in, and though they only give you 9 seconds to cross, they were brighter and worked well. Lately, I’ve noticed they don’t …

195 Street Grid Part 2: Walk Light FAIL in Davol Square

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I’m including this post as part of the 195 Street Grid series because it highlights a very simple but important failure. These lights have been here for a couple (several?) months; the infrastructure for cars is in place, lights are up and on, islands have been moved to make way for lanes, lanes have been marked… The pedestrian infrastructure however, …