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Downtown Farmers Market in Kennedy Plaza starts today – July 7, 2015


The Downtown Farmers Market in Kennedy Plaza is back starting today and every Tuesday through the end of October. More information from Greater Kennedy Plaza:

Welcome back, Downtown Farmers Market!

Downtown Farmers Market + Kidoinfo Play in the Park
Tuesdays 3 – 6PM
July 7th – October 27th

Welcome back to the Downtown Farmers Market with Farm Fresh Rhode Island! Stroll the outskirts of Burnside Park for all of your fresh veggie and locally produced comestible needs! Bring your appetite as well, because this dinnertime market has food trucks to feed you!

Concurrently, Kidoinfo Play in the Park will offer family friendly activities and playspace. The Imagination Center will be open, with the Open Air Reading Room and Imagination Playspace! Bring friends and family to make an afternoon of it!

Featured Play in the Park partner for July & August is playScience
with Miss Katie bringing you fun, interactive music and science activities each week! This week, in honor of Independence Day we bring you Marching Music!

2015 Downtown Farmers Market Vendor Lineup!

  • Pezza Farm
  • Mello Farm
  • Barden Family Orchard
  • Blackbird Farm
  • Ellie’s Bakery
  • Cafe Havav
  • Farm Fresh & Co.

This weeks featured Food Truck: Rocket Fine Street Food!


Providence Downtown Farmers Market Starts June 18, 2013

Information from Greater Kennedy Plaza:

Support local farmers and business and get fresh, local and healthful produce and homemade treats for you and your family. This year the Farmers Market will have special activities, workshops, games and more for families! PLUS dinner available from Sprout, Rocket Fine Street Food, Mijos + Joedega.

The Downtown Farmers Market is now a dinnertime market! After work every TUESDAY from 3-6pm, stop by Washington St. between Kennedy Plaza and Burnside Park to grab dinner and pick up fresh food for the week. The market will run from June 18 – October 29.

farmers-marketVendors include:

  • NorthStar Farm
  • Pezza Farm
  • Lane Gardens
  • Mello’s Farmstand
  • Hill Orchards (Starting later in the summer)
  • Pine View Farm
  • Ellie’s Bakery
  • Palmieri’s Bakery
  • Cupcakerie
  • Narragansett Creamery
  • Harvest Kitchen
  • Providence Pudding Pops
  • Rocket Fine Street Food
  • Mijos Tacos
  • Joedega

News & Notes

The New York Times: A Michigan City Bets on Food for Its Growth

The idea of building a year-round public market to tie the city’s skilled chefs to the region’s big complement of young farmers had already attained an air of inevitability by the time this Midwestern city held its first Restaurant Week three summers ago.

Next year, just in time for the fourth annual Restaurant Week, Grand Rapids is scheduled to open the $30 million, 130,000-square-foot Downtown Market, a destination that is expected to attract 500,000 visitors a year. The three-story brick and glass building, under construction in a neighborhood of vacant turn-of-the-20th century warehouses, is intended by its developers to be a state-of-the art center of commerce for the culinary arts and fresh local foods.

It is also seen as having the potential to accomplish much more.

My SimCity version of Providence in my head has a Public Market building on the parking lot next to Ri Ra, with through access from Burnside Park to Waterplace Park.

The Atlantic Cities: 5 Models for Cheaper, Greener Housing for Veterans

Earlier this year, I wrote about a terrific project providing apartments, supportive services and job training for veterans in central Milwaukee. On the green side, Veterans Manor earned a 92 out of a possible 100 points on a local “Green Built” standard, while enjoying a transit-accessible location with a Walk Score of 72. The building has a commercial kitchen that services both the residents and local schools while providing job training and experience.

When we discussed the statewide ballot questions the cost of the Veterans Home came up, $94 million bond. My other reservation about the Veterans Home was its location.

The WalkScore for the existing Veterans Home in Bristol is, “42 Car-Dependant.” A Veterans Home is populated by many elderly and disabled people, which is why they need a home, most of those people cannot drive. Additionally, services are provided for homeless Veterans who obviously cannot afford a car and need access to public transit and jobs.

If they were in a town center or near a bus line at least, they would have opportunity to leave the home and interact with members of the community, keeping them active and vital. Being stuck in a home on Metacom Avenue in Bristol is not the best we can do for our Veterans.

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Report from Ship Street Square Farmer’s Market

Ship Street Square

Today was the first Farmer’s Market in Ship Street Square, run by Farm Fresh Rhode Island. It is early in the season yet, so the pickings were a little slim, but a lot of people were out. Who knew there were so many people in the Jewelry District? Well, I did, but it was still cool to see people arriving in the square from every direction.

There were a number of farm vendors, Olga’s Cup & Saucer with sandwiches and breads, Mama Kim’s Korean BBQ and Mijos Tacos food trucks, and the Coffee Guy serving up hot and iced.

The weather’s nice, but chilly and windy, making it less than comfortable to actually eat in the square. Also, the area is not really conducive to eating, you can sit on the steps, but it kinda sucks, they need to get some tables and chairs out there, or some high top tables for people to stand at during lunch. The square belonging to Brown, perhaps this is something they can provide so that it does not cost the vendors anything.

The market is on Tuesdays from 11am to 2pm. My understanding is this is a test run to see how it goes, so come out and support it so it can run through the summer.


Friday Farmers Market in Kennedy Plaza, 11am-2pm

The Friday Farmers Markets in Kennedy Plaza kicked off last week. Today is Friday and the Farmers Market starts in less that half an hour. The Farmers Market has moved across the plaza this year to Fulton Street, and the folks at Greater Kennedy Plaza have this handy little map to illustrate the fact:

Farmers Market Has a NEW location this year! The Downtown Market is now on the Fulton Street side of Kennedy Plaza. It’s a popular market for people who work downtown, RIPTA riders, and visitors to Providence looking for a fresh taste of RI. Grab lunch at the market and pick up fresh groceries for the weekend. Vendors this year include: Absalona Greenhouse, Big Train Farm, Blue Skys Flower Farm, Misti, Simmons Farms (now producing their own goat cheese!), The Cupcakerie, plus lunch options from New Dawn Catering, Tina’s Jamaican and Mama Kim’s Korean BBQ!

I’m going to head down there shortly to get lunch from Mama Kim’s.


News & Notes

[Boston] Public food market gets $10m promise []
The Boston Public Market will be located along the Greenway in a building close to the location of the current Haymarket. The market is expected to be open in 12-18 months.

RIPTA trying to avoid reductions to bus service [ProJo]

The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority is looking into avoiding service reductions by substituting a fare increase | or perhaps by fundamentally changing its fare structure to make riders pay more for longer trips.

The “Best Place” is no place at all [OnTransport]
Money Magazine’s Best Places to live have no there there.

Wooly Fair 2010 this Saturday [Wooly]

Wooly Fair is Providence’s homegrown art carnival, a vibrant spectacle that showcases the city’s creative community at its most joyful. This year’s theme is Back to Nature, and the fair’s centerpiece is the Flower Tower, a pyramid of container gardens that will be distributed after the July 31st event to hospitals, schools, and other organizations.

paris: the street is ours! [Human Transit]

It’s simple: the default setting for pedestrian signals is green, and they turn red only when your safety requires it. (In Sydney, where I currently live, the opposite rule applies. There, pedestrian signals are always red, but if you push a button and wait patiently, often for a nearly complete cycle of the signal, wondering if you’ve submitted an application to some bureaucrat who will get to it after his lunch break, you’ll finally get green for a few seconds. But don’t blink or you’ll miss it and have to start again.)


Davis Park Farmer’s Market

We are very pleased to announce the start of our Farmers’ Market at Davis Park next Sunday, July 11th from 11am-2pm. Our market will run through October 31st.

Sunday, August 1st will be the first of our Family Fun days which will be held monthly during the markets and will feature activities for the kids.

Please come and join in the fun, shop for your fresh fruit, veggies and artisan products while supporting local businesses and farmers!

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