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Privatizing Garibaldi Park did not result in the sidewalk being cleared


Unfortunately, privatizing Garibaldi Park did not translate into the adjacent sidewalk being cleared of snow. As when the City was responsible for its maintenance, I had to walk in the street this morning.

Also, per usual, Lamar continues to fail to clear the snow from the bus stop here (and elsewhere I’m sure).

Update: Better late than never, as of Wednesday morning, the sidewalk is clear.



Update on Garibaldi Park


Image from Bing Maps

A couple weeks ago a site fence went up around Garibaldi Park on Federal Hill (where the arch is). I recieved this notice from a tentant at West Exchange Center with an explanation of the work happening:

Garibaldi Park Revitalization Project
Sponsorship Opportunities

The Omni Group is proud to formally announce that they have adopted Garibaldi Park, which is located at 99 Atwells Avenue. The park sits on the corner of Atwells Avenue and Bradford Street.

The Omni Group, at its own expense, will be doing a complete upgrade to the park (i.e., trees, shrubs, irrigations, sod, lighting, etc.) Along with the landscaping, we will be building a stage, which will be host to a performing arts series.

The Omni Group would like to offer you the opportunity to be involved and help support the project. There are two ways you can do this. Option one, for $250.00; you can sponsor one of the ten park benches. (We will have a name plate made with your personal wording.) The second option, for $85.00, is a personalized engraved brick paver. These brick pavers will be inserted in the pathways. If this is something you would like to do please e-mail Kimberly Bland, Executive Assistant, The Omni Group.

The Omni Group will be hosting a grand reopening of the park in September. More information will be sent out soon.

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Fixing the Federal Hill Arch

Speculation on my part here, but I’m imagining the installation of Jersey Barriers here is a sign that the renovations to the Federal Hill Arch support columns is finally happening.

Way back in ’09 I posted some photos of the crumbling concrete on the arch’s columns. The Providence Journal also reported that the city was putting a repair job out to bid:

Chief engineer William Bombard said the arch’s four support columns are badly deteriorated, and the city will have to invest between $30,000 to $80,000 to have them wrapped in carbon fiber to prevent further erosion.

It of course would have been nice if the arch had been built properly to begin with:

“It’s possible a lower-grade concrete was used, or there was too much water in the mix when it was made. It should have lasted much longer,” Bombard said.

The arch was comissioned in 1977 and completed in 1980.

Does anyone have the official scoop on what is going on here?

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