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CANCELED: City Plan Commission Meeting – March 17, 2015

CPC City Plan Commission Meeting
Tuesday, March 17, 2015 – 4:45pm
444 Westminster Street, First Floor
This meeting has been canceled.

Opening Session

  • Call to Order
  • Roll Call
  • Approval of minutes from February 24, 2015 meeting – for action
  • Director’s Report

City Council Referral

1. Referral 3388 – Request for easement at 128 Mathewson Street The applicants, Heads Up Inc and the Mathewson Street Church are requesting an easement to provide handicap access for the church at 128 Mathewson Street – for action (AP 25 Lot 349, Downtown)

Major Land Development Project Public Hearing

3. Case No. 14-038MA – 181 Corliss Street (Preliminary Plan Approval) The applicant is seeking preliminary plan approval to construct a four story, 124 room extended stay hotel on the former site of an abandoned Postal Service building. The lot measures approximately 2.01 acres. Public comment will be taken. Continued from the February 24 meeting – for action (AP 74 Lot 376, Mt. Hope)



City Plan Commission Meeting – May 20, 2014

featured-bikeped City Plan Commission Meeting
Tuesday, May 20, 2014 – 4:45pm
444 Westminster Street, First Floor

Opening Session

  • Call to Order
  • Roll Call
  • Approval of minutes from the April 22nd meeting – for action
  • Approval of minutes from May 5 special meeting – for action
  • Director’s Report

Providence Tomorrow – The Comprehensive Plan

1. Referral No. 3377 – Changes to the Comprehensive Plan Changes proposed include technical changes based on comments received from statewide planning and changes to the future land use map – for action

City Council Referral

2. Referral No. 3376 – Petition to amend the Zoning Ordinance The petitioner is requesting that article 401 – pertaining to outdoor seating – be amended – for action

Major Land Development Project


3. Case No. 14-009MA – 1300 North Main Street The applicant is proposing to demolish an existing building to create a parking lot providing 300 spaces. The lot will serve a health club on an adjacent lot located in the City of Pawtucket. The item was continued at the April 22 meeting to allow the applicant to revise the plan – for action (AP 75 Lot 301, Hope)

Re: Zoning Providence

4. Update on Re: Zoning Providence A review of the organization and content of the draft zoning ordinance – for discussion



City Plan Commission Meeting – June 19, 2012

Notice of Regular Meeting
Tuesday, June 19, 2012 – 4:45pm
Department of Planning and Development
1st Floor Meeting Room 444 Westminster Street, Providence

Opening Session

  • Call to Order
  • Roll Call
  • Approval of minutes from May 15th 2012 meeting – for action
  • Director’s Report

Minor Subdivision

1. Case No. 12-021MI – 54 Locust Street The applicant is seeking preliminary plan approval to subdivide the existing lot measuring Approximately 15,000 SF into two lots measuring approximately 7,500 SF (Mt. Hope, AP 6 Lot 105)

2. Case No. 12-022MI – 41 Edendale Avenue The applicant is seeking preliminary plan approval to subdivide the existing lot measuring approximately 17,488 SF into two lots measuring 11,200 SF and 6,288 SF (Manton, AP 80 Lot 12)

Public Hearing/City Council Referral

3. Referral 3351 – Petition to amend the Future Land Use Map of the Comprehensive Plan The petitioner is requesting that Map 11.2 of the Comprehensive Plan entitled “Future Land Use” be amended so that the Downtown/Mixed Use designation and Jobs District overlay encompasses the area bounded by Bradford Street, Cedar Street, Brayton Ave., Spruce Street, Jones Street and a portion of Bond Street. Public comment will be taken. (Federal Hill) – for discussion and action

City Council Referral

4. Referral 3352 – Petition to amend the Zoning Ordinance The petitioner is requesting that the zoning map be amended to change the zoning of lots 67, 166, 167, 171, 176, 178 and a portion of lot 375 on Plat 26 from R-G to D-2. (Federal Hill) – for discussion

R-G General Residence District: This zone is intended for medium density residential areas comprised of structures containing single family dwelling inits, two family dwelling units, three family dwelling units and four of more family dwelling units located on lots with a minimum land area of 5,000 sq. feet and a minimum area of 2,000 sq. feet per dwelling unit.

D-2 Downtown – Mill District: This zone is intended to foster expansion of the downtown uses into former manufactoring areas in which commercial, retail, residential, and office uses are being introduced. A variety of business, financial, institutional, public, quasi-public, cultural, residential, light manufacturing and other related uses are encouraged to provide the mix of activities necessary to accomodate the growth of Downtown Providence.

5. Referral 3349 – Abandonment of a portion of Bond Street The applicant is seeking to abandon a portion of Bond Street approximately 100 feet in length, to provide access to a proposed parking lot. (Federal Hill) – for discussion

6. Referral 3350 – Abandonment of a portion of Cedar Street The applicant is seeking to abandon a portion of Cedar Street approximately 660 feet in length, to provide access to a proposed parking structure. (Federal Hill) – for discussion

Major Land Development Project

7. Case No. 12-014MA – Cedar Street Parking Structure The applicant is seeking Master Plan Approval to construct a two level parking structure with a total of 317 parking spaces. The structure will occupy the area between Brayton Street and 50 Cedar Street. A portion of Cedar Street and Bond Street is proposed for abandonment to provide access to the parking area. The applicant has proposed Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance amendments to accommodate the development. (Federal Hill AP 26 Lots 67, 166, 167, 171, 176, 178, 182, R-G and D-2) – for action

City Council Referral

8. Referral 3353 – Petition to abandon portions of Olive, Brown and Benevolent Streets The petitioner, Brown University, is seeking to abandon a portion of Olive Street measuring 25,092 SF, a portion of Brown Street measuring 26,675 SF and a portion of Benevolent Street measuring 12,573 SF. (College Hill) – for action

Institutional Master Plan

9. Amendment to Brown University’s Institutional Master Plan Amendment to the Brown Institutional Master Plan (IMP) for the purposes of including portions of abandoned streets within the campus and outlining development plans for those areas. (College Hill) – for action


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Shop Local


If you have money to spend this holiday season, we suggest you spend it locally. The Downcity merchants are bringing it this year.

We already noted that the Calico pop-up shop opens on Friday. Another pop-up shop is RISD Expose, a student art sale in the space most recently occupied by WNWN. Throughout the holiday season events from Santa to ice sculpting will be taking place on Westminster to entertain you while you spend locally.

Oh, and all those who are concerned that the Downcity shops close too early, Thursdays and Saturdays through December, the shops on Westminster stay open until 8pm for your shopping pleasure.

Now excuse while we do a blatant cut and paste from the Shop Downcity blog:

  1. What an amazing opportunity to SHOP LOCAL and support your community businesses.
  2. SANTA, SANTA, SANTA!! Every Saturday from Thanksgiving to Christmas bring the family to visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus from 11am to 4pm. He’ll be strolling Westminster all day. Santa loves Providence and wants to meet all the local children!
  3. ART IN ICE will be at Grant’s Block (at the corner of Union and Westminster) Saturday Nov 28, Dec 12, and 19, from 2:30-4:30pm. Live Ice Sculpture!!
  4. On Saturday Dec 5th, Providence Preservation Society brings the holiday spirit to Westminster with their annual HOLIDAY STROLL. We can’t wait! Its always so festive, with the holiday music (live inside the stores!), the sneak peaks into Downcity lofts, and of course, the wonderful lessons on the history of our amazing Downcity architecture! Check their website to buy tickets, or pick them up the day of. Registration is in the lobby of the lovely Peerless Building, 150 Union St. If you love Providence this event is a must!
  5. Worried about where to park? Don’t worry, the City of Providence has extended their Holiday Free Parking Program to run from Nov 16 through Jan 1. What does that mean? FREE PARKING throughout Downcity. Thank you City of Providence!
  6. On Saturday Dec 12, the award winning WHEELER SCHOOL CHORUS, the 18 Wheelers, will be caroling up and down Westminster St. along side Santa and Mrs. Claus. These kids can really sing, and they’ll bring all the holiday hits so you can sing along too!
  7. The Downcity shop owners love a little competition, and every holiday season they challenge each other to a WINDOW DECORATING COMPETITION. On Dec 19th, join Mayor Cicilline and other celebrity judges as they tour participating stores to pick the winning display.
  8. The newest editions to Downcity are so awesome we can’t stop talking about them! Downcity welcomes CALICO, a vintage shop out of New Bedford, and RISD EXPOSE, a special holiday sale of fine art and design crafted by the students themselves. Both are musts for holiday gift hunts!
  9. Shop until 8PM ON THURSDAYS AND SATURDAYS. Extended store hours in Downcity through the Christmas holiday.
  10. Its not a holiday without Trinity Rep’s performance of A CHRISTMAS CAROL. The perfect end to a weekend in Downcity.

stroll_hopeThe Hope Street Merchants also want you to buy local this holiday season. Hope Street is part of the city’s Free Parking program, and the merchants associations is hosting a Winter Stroll on December 5th from 11am to 5pm.

Come on up to Hope Street and get yourself in the holiday spirit. Stroll the tree lit sidewalks and enjoy seasonal drinks and snacks with participating merchants. We’ll have carolers and other live music, street vendors, sales, a trolley service to and from downtown and there’s a rumor that a jolly fat guy with a beard might be making an appearance. Have some fun and share the cheer!!!


buyartAnd of course, Providence has an amazing amount of art that is made locally. Visit the Buy Art website for listings of art merchants by neighborhood.


City Plan Commission Meeting (11/17)

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2009 4:45 PM

Department of Planning and Development, 4th Floor Auditorium 400 Westminster Street, Providence, RI 02903


Call to Order Roll Call Approval of Meeting Minutes: October 20, 2009


View Larger Map

1. Referral 3320 – Petition to abandon a portion of Walnut Street
Petition to abandon Walnut Street between Westminster and Washington Streets. (Downcity)


View Larger Map

2. Case No. 08-044MA – 369 Prairie Avenue (Preliminary Plan Approval)
Request for Preliminary Plan stage approval for the redevelopment of the former Federated Lithograph site on Prairie Avenue. The applicant is proposing to demolish some of the existing buildings on site, renovate the existing building at the easterly end of the property and construct an addition for use as a health center. The existing vacant building in the western portion of the lot is intended for office space. A new retail building at the northern end of the lot is also proposed. The site is bounded by Potters Avenue, Gordon Avenue, Saratoga Street and Prairie Avenue. (AP 48, Lots 578, 959, 975, 976, 987, 988, 989, 1005). (Lower South Providence)

View Larger Map

3. Case No. 09-037MA – 1261 North Main Street (Master Plan Approval)
The applicant is proposing to construct a new mixed-use building on a currently vacant lot. Ground floor retail space, 7 housing units and 12 onsite parking spaces are being proposed for the 4 story building. The applicant is requesting dimensional adjustments to increase the number of building stories over what is permitted in the C-4 zone and reduce the number of parking spaces required. (AP 91 Lot 648) (Hope).


4. City Council Referral:
An ordinance to adopt the City of Providence Promenade Center Redevelopment Project Plan and Tax Increment Financing Plan This ordinance would amend the redevelopment plan for portions of Valley and Smith Hill neighborhoods to reflect changes including proposed future land use, illustration of the acquisition and development of certain land parcels and changes to the roadway system within the redevelopment area. No change is proposed for the Tax Increment Financing portion of the plan.City Plan Commission Agenda for October 20, 2009 2

5. City Council Referral:
An ordinance to adopt the Allens Avenue and Port Redevelopment Plan This ordinance would adopt a redevelopment that would designate a redevelopment area around Allens Avenue and the Port of Providence and establish objectives and procedures for its redevelopment.




Reader: The little things

This post was submitted by a Greater City: Providence reader.

I enjoy the discussions of big plans and projects like train stations and streetcars, but sometimes I despair of anything ever coming about in a city that can not accomplish the simplest, tiniest, glaringly, obviously necessary public works.

These pictures were not taken on isolated, dead end residential streets. They are some of the busiest pedestrian routes on the East Side.

Leaving Miriam Hospital and looking to catch a #99 bus on North Main?

5th Street at Highland Avenue

This view is down 5th street to North Main. This is the main vehicular route to the hospital including ambulances. I guess people should be thankful for state of the art painted crosswalks and unwarranted 4-way stop after having to walk in the street.

Those who work at Miriam and walk to their car at the old auditorium can study glacial geology on Highland Avenue at 4th street.

Highland Avenue at 4th Street

Bring your all terrain wheelchair if you want to enjoy this righteous ADA compliant curb at the corner of 3rd and Highland.

3rd Street at Highland Avenue

It may come as a surprise to windshield perspective types, but people actually do walk to the Bus Terminal at the end of Cemetery Street. While staying with us a while back, my elderly mother took a day trip to Boston by bus. I offered to drive her to the terminal but she said “Don’t be ridiculous, I know where it is and it is only a few blocks.” This is Frost street about halfway from North Main to the Bus Terminal. She fell here.

Frost Street

I urged her to sue somebody and make a stink, but she was not badly hurt and soldiered on.

Even where there is a sidewalk you still may still have to dodge the traffic speeding around the bend.

Cemetery Street

You can see little kids on their way to and from the playing fields walking in the street here too.

These dangerous substandard conditions have been in place since the neighborhood was developed from farmland. In recent years, millions have been spent to install neckdowns along Hope Street and Summit Avenue, on ADA compliant curb cuts, and on sidewalk replacements. That’s all good, but who is minding the priorities as they might affect the people who actually walk around?

At a neighborhood meeting a few years back, Councilman Jackson was strutting about how he had brought in the funding for sidewalk replacements then underway. I pointed out a site where a sidewalk in reasonably fair condition was replaced, right next to a broken, crumbling one that was left untouched and asked why. He said that a property owner must apply to his office for a replacement and wait for years. I asked would he not agree that a greater good would be served if sidewalks were built where they are most needed or even entirely absent instead of spending money to replace serviceable sidewalks? He rolled his eyes and explained that by ancient statute, the initial construction of a sidewalk is up to the property owner. After that, the city can decide to rebuild it, but the city has no provision to construct sidewalks where there are none. I tried to point out that an ancient statute that serves the public so poorly is something a councilman could do something about but he hurried away. I guess the status quo is working for him.

Enormous spending on highway projects is beyond question. Lots of other projects of varying worth get proposed and built. Yet little old ladies are stumbling over rocks where a mere sidewalk should have been built 90 years ago and nothing can be done.

You just wanna walk? No infrastructure for you!


City Plan Commission Meeting (10/20)


TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2009 4:45 PM
Department of Planning and Development, 4th Floor Auditorium
400 Westminster Street, Providence, RI 02903


Call to Order Roll Call Approval of Meeting Minutes: September 15, 2009


Discussion with Commission members to determine schedule and dates for presentation of future neighborhood plans.


View Larger Map

1. Case No. 09-033MI – 716 North Main Street (Preliminary Approval)
The applicant wishes to subdivide a lot measuring 97,515 SF into two lots measuring 64,238 SF and 33,277 SF. The applicant wishes to use the newly created lot for parking. The subject property is located in a C-4 zone. The newly created lot will be served by Printery Street, which runs through the property (AP 2 Lot 340). (Mt. Hope)


View Larger Map

2. Case No. 09-002MA – 175 Broad Street (Public Informational Meeting)
Request for Master Plan stage approval for the proposed commercial development of the property located at 175 Broad Street. The subject property is bounded by Service Road No. 7, Broad Street and Cahir Street (AP 24, Lot 603). (Upper South Providence) Continued from the CPC meeting on September 15, 2009.

View Larger Map

3. Case No. 09-034MA – 1380 Broad Street (Master and Preliminary Approval)
The applicant is requesting to combine development review stages to demolish an existing structure formerly used for retail and residential use and construct a mixed-use building. (AP 58 Lots 59 and 446) (Washington Park).


4. Neighborhood Planning Update
Public comment will be taken on the Hope/Mt. Hope/Blackstone plan originally presented in July. The Commission will also take public comment on the College Hill/Fox Point/Wayland plan presented at the Commission’s September meeting. The Commission continued the items to allow more time for public review of the plans. The Commission may choose to act to adopt one or more of the neighborhood plans presented at the previous meetings.City Plan Commission Agenda for October 20, 2009


Agenda Link