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Updated: Video: Providence Night Aerial

There’s no information to go with this video on YouTube, but apparently it is a camera strapped to a model airplane. Pretty cool!

Update: I got an email from Nicholas Lin who created this video. He provided a link to a video shot with a better camera and some info on his process:

The plane is flown birds eye view. I have a camera on the plane that records as well as sends live video to a set of video goggles that I wear to fly. It’s amazing to be able to see Providence from that perspective. I live on the East Side of Providence and love the city!


GC: Photos

More photos submitted to our Flickr Group by our readers.

Narragansett Electric from Hot Club
Photo © TheWoolverine

Moon over I-Way Bridge
Photo © TheWoolverine

Photo © BlueisCoool

Point street bridge
Photo (cc) provbenson2009

Photo (cc) provbenson2009

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