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First bike lane inaugural parade

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The networks were busy tripping over themselves trying to point out all the numerous “firsts” during today’s Presidential Inauguration. [But they missed]: he’s the first U.S. president to walk down a bike lane during his Inauguration.

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News & Notes

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Governing: Tree Population Falling in Cities Trees have a tough life in cities. They face heavy stress from storms, insects, air pollution, road salt, low-quality soil and even reckless drivers. Yet the benefits of a healthy tree population are vast, from the numerous environmental qualities to the aesthetic value that comes with a green canopy in a city park or …

Fast Lane: Obama Administration says “We Can’t Wait,” tells states to use idle earmarks to improve transportation and put people to work

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At DOT, we know that America’s transportation infrastructure is in need of attention, while construction workers across the country remain eager to get back on the job repairing, replacing, and modernizing our roads, rails, and runways. Over the last decade, Congress has set aside $473 million in transportation funds that were never spent. These idle earmarks have sat on the …

Politico: Obama offers states $470M for roads, bridges

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The Obama administration is making nearly half a billion dollars in unspent highway funds available to states that promise to use the money to create jobs and improve transportation. A White House official says Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood will announce Friday that more than $470 million will be made immediately available for projects such as repairing crumbling roads and bridges. …