Los Angeles CicLAvia

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StreetFilms Ciclovías are an event where a major street(s) in a city is closed to automobiles and turned over to bikes (and pedestrians, and dancers, and performers, and a whole bunch of non-auto activity). The events started in Columbia, South America and have been spreading across the world, with Los Angeles getting into the action on 10/10/10 as seen in …

News & Notes

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Café Life, PDX Style: Recreating the Euro Bar Nothing symbolizes the singular nature of European public life more than the ubiquitous neighborhood bar – a place where people of all ages gather for a variety of food and libations, including coffee, alcohol, ice cream and maybe a local delicacy or two such as anchovies or squid. Such establishments, also known …

News & Notes

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Wind farm challenged in R.I. Supreme Court Three entities have asked the Rhode Island Supreme Court to overturn the approval of the Block Island wind farm contract. Attorney General Patrick Lynch, the Conservation Law Foundation and large industrial concerns Toray Plastics and Polytop Corp. argue that the state Public Utilities Commission approval of the Power Purchase Agreement reached between Deepwater …

Giving a (type)face to cities

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Check out this neat project at CitID. Designers around the world are using typography to showcase their cities. Check out the Providence entry by AJ Paglia: Also, I’m in love with the Chicago design. No Pawtucket yet, what’s up with that!? Via idsgn

Turning downtowns into suburbia

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Christopher T. McCahill and Norman Garrick look at how land use devoted to parking may turn our downtowns into a sort of office park in the city. Case in point, Hartford. At the Travelers Companies, Inc. – an insurance company in the downtown where employees are charged between 70 and 125 dollars per month for parking – only 71 percent …

Building a Better Block in Dallas

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What Made a “Better Block”? Oh, Just the Fact You Could Walk, Shop, Drink and Hang Out and Not Get Run Over. – Dallas Observer Protected bike lane, road diet, parklet, pop-up retail, and it only took a day to put together.


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Photo (cc) sfbike San Francisco StreetsBlog reports on the city’s Pavement to Parks initiative. On Divisadero, the city has taken two parking spaces from the street and created space for bike racks, planters, and cafe tables. “This is all about taking the narrative of the 25 percent of our land mass that [is] streets, and begin to take a little …

Potholes? There’s an app for that

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Well, there is in Boston anyway. Boston’s Citizens Connect iPhone App utilizes the iPhone’s camera and GPS to allow city residents and visitors to report on issues around the city. The app helps people report things like graffiti, potholes, broken traffic lights and signs, and other items. The city will be assessing the efficacy of the iPhone app, and plans …

Pedestrian bridges of the world

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As we are discussing the future Providence River Pedestrian Bridge, I thought it may be helpful to look at some existing pedestrian bridges aroung the world. Through the magic of Flikr, here are some: Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge Omaha, Nebraska and Council Bluffs, Iowa Photo (cc) nic221 The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge between Omaha, Nebraska and Council Bluffs, Iowa is …