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A Fall River to Cape Cod regional bike route, Athens, Greece a city without suburbs, RIDOT rolls the ball on charging for highway sign ads over to the General Assembly, and more in today’s News & Notes.

RIDOT: No accommodations for pedestrians

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RIDOT has been removing the wood from under the Chestnut Street overpass for the last few weeks, which is concerning in and of itself as it has been speculated that that wood was there to keep chunks of the bridge that were falling onto the roadway and sidewalk from falling onto the roadway and sidewalk, which begs the question, what …

What’s the government up to? Press Releases

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Surprisingly, there’s more going on in the city this week than my lamenting the unshoveledness of our sidewalks. A couple interesting Press Releases popped up today. First, from the Mayor’s Office: Senator Whitehouse, Mayor Taveras plan walking tour of Providence Business Districts PROVIDENCE – U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and Mayor Angel Taveras will spend Monday morning visiting businesses in …

195 Demo, Chestnut Street

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Work has been moving right along to remove the Old Route 195 (we need that land available for taxable development). This week they started removing the wood from under the deck on the overpass at Chestnut Street. It has been suggested to me that the wood is in place to keep chucks of the bridge from falling down onto the …

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What Cheer/What Jeer 2010

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Providence River Pedestrian Bridge Whether you love it or hate it, Providence will soon be getting a new pedestrian bridge over the Providence River. Design firms large and small from around the world entered the competition that led to the winning design. And the competition got people around the city interested in transportation and design. RIPTA Last year we declared …

…It says it does, but it really doesn’t

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Photo (cc) Eric Kilby So, I’ve been hearing from all around town that MBTA service to T.F. Green starts on Monday. There is even a schedule [.pdf] posted on the MBTA website. So I posted about it. Then PBN posted about it. Then I got an email from Ted Nesi. Ted tells me that the Governor’s spokeperson said, “no.” Service …

RIDOT announces Clifford Street bridge to open Oct. 13, other traffic changes

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RIDOT announced today a number of changes to the street patterns west of the Jewelry District as part of the Iway project: The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) today announced that a number of changes will be taking place this fall in Providence as a result of the Iway project. The changes include the opening of new roads, bridges …

Making room for bikes on the new Union Avenue bridge

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Image from Google Maps Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition posted an update on the Union Avenue Bridge. They asked RIDOT if there was any accomodation for cyclists in the new bridge design and were told: The new Union Ave bridge will have the same design configuration as the old Union Ave bridge. There will be a 2 foot median, 2- 11 …

News & Notes

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Wind farm challenged in R.I. Supreme Court Three entities have asked the Rhode Island Supreme Court to overturn the approval of the Block Island wind farm contract. Attorney General Patrick Lynch, the Conservation Law Foundation and large industrial concerns Toray Plastics and Polytop Corp. argue that the state Public Utilities Commission approval of the Power Purchase Agreement reached between Deepwater …

RIDOT announces preliminary Warwick rail schedule

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Photo © RIDOT With train service to the InterLink (aka the Intermodal Station) at T.F. Green Airport in October, RIDOT is busy planning the routes for the service. Good news, the schedule will include reverse commuting options. Reverse commuting means trains running in the opposite direction of the typical peak direction, in the morning for example, the peak direction would …

The T in DOT?

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Ready for a rant? Work has resumed in earnest on the reconstruction of Dean Street. This is a good thing, Dean is in dire need of a rebuild. But you know I can’t just be happy it is being rebuit, I have to find something to rant about. So this has been the condition of the intersection of Dean and …

Bad bridges costing RIPTA

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ProJo reports on how deficient bridges are hurting RIPTA’s bottom line. The agency recently adopted a plan to reduce service and raise fares to close an expected budget gap. The service cuts will save a projected $650,000 and the fare increase will generate a projected $975,000. Meanwhile the authority has spend approximately $1,000,000 due to bridges that they cannot cross. …

RIDOT Intermodal Facility Photos

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RIDOT has some construction photos of the T.F. Green Intermodal Facility on their Flickr page: Check out RIDOT’s Flickr page for more photos. According to the Warwick Beacon, trains could start serving the terminal as soon as this fall. Photos © RIDOT

Here we go again

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Photo by Jef Nickerson ProJo reports that RIPTA is once again, in a now annual tradition, looking at fare hikes and service cuts to balance their budget deficit. John Rupp, the board chairman, said it will try to design a fare increase that won’t deny people transportation, and it will try to keep any service adjustments from doing more than …

Elmwood Ave Repaving Meeting (04/07)

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Update: Meeting has been postponed due to an electrical problem at the library. Via Bike Providence When: Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 6:00-7:30pm Where: Knight Memorial Library Auditorium (downstairs), 275 Elmwood Avenue As many of you know, Community Works Rhode Island, our elected officials and other community partners have been working with RIDOT to make sure that the changes coming to …