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What the Amazon Headquarters Beauty Contest can teach us about Economic Development

In Development by Seth Zeren10 Comments

The economic development world is all abuzz with last week’s news that Amazon is courting cities for a second headquarters that will match their current, in Seattle, with 50,000 employees and over 8 million square feet of office space. To no one’s surprise, the State of Rhode Island has declared its intention to submit a proposal to lure Amazon’s new …

Submit your favorite place to 195Hopes

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My good friend Christine Malecki West has launched a new site for us to submit and collect our visions for what should develop on the 195 Land, Christine describes the project below: Roger Williams knew “This is the Place” when he founded Providence in 1636. The website collects photos and descriptions of places that people feel are special …

News & Notes

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A Fall River to Cape Cod regional bike route, Athens, Greece a city without suburbs, RIDOT rolls the ball on charging for highway sign ads over to the General Assembly, and more in today’s News & Notes.

News & Notes

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I want to bike and walk but… [Coalition for Transportation Choices] For Earth Day 2010, CTC member Audubon Society of RI challenged students grades 3 – 12 to respond to the lead-in “I want to bike and walk but…” The students addressed their essays, poems or raps to their town’s mayor and submitted their work individually or had it selected …

News & Notes

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avoiding car-centered language: a directive [Human Transit] Yes, crash sounds emotive while accident sounds cool, so it’s easy to assume that accident is more objective or factual. But sometimes the facts are emotive, and only an emotive word will accurately describe them. The directive even notices that avoiding the emotive word can constitute an emotional bias in the other direction: …