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The East Side, Downcity, some dogs playing, and more from our Flickr Group.

Can I get there from here?

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The ProJo recently covered the story of retailers feeling cut off by the reconfiguration of Route 195. On the old alignment of Route 195, Exit 2 went to Wickenden Street and the big green sign on the overpass said as much. Now, the eastbound exit which one would use to reach Wickenden is simply signed for India Point and Gano …

Debra Booth: The other end of Wickenden Street

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We’ve spent a lot of pixels here talking about the intersection between Route 195 and Wickenden Street on the west side of Fox Point. Debra Booth forwarded us a letter they sent to city and state officials addressing concerns about the other end of Wickenden, where the Gano Street ramps are: To: Mayor David Cicilline, Councilman Seth Yurdin, Representative David …

195 Street Grid Part 5: A look at lot sizes

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In Part 4 much of the discussion revolved around lot sizes. Comment by Corey Call me naive, but personally, I would take some of the parcels not targeted for institutional use, subdivide them, and then sell the subdivided lots individually; much more in line with what would have been done in the 18th or 19th centuries. […] It also allows …