Google Street View documents the Parking-lot-ification of Providence

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Daily Dose showed off the Big Blue Bug in Google Street View on their site. It never even occurred to me that one could embed a Street View image.

So, please to enjoy, the Parking-lot-ification of Providence:

Old Public Safety Complex Memorial Parking Lot™ | View Larger Map

Grove Street School | View Larger Map

Weybosset/Westminster Streets, Grants Lot Block | View Larger Map

Update: Per Jen and Matt’s comments, more Parking-lot-ification:

Atwells Avenue, Belmonte Castello | View Larger Map

The Parking Lot District | View Larger Map

Parking Lot District 2, Rhode Island Hospital Area | View Larger Map

(God Bless) America Street, Federal Hill | View Larger Map

State of Rhode Island Department of “Transportation” | View Larger Map

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  1. What? No view of the parking lots behind atwells avenue, where America St School and about 4 acres of housing used to be? How about the hole in the ground that was supposed to be Belmont Castello? The historic Parking Lot district downtown? How about RI Hospital?

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