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Google Maps Adds Walking Directions!

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I spotted this post on Lifehacker this morning and immediately had to give it a shot. Sure enough, Google Maps now lets you find walking directions. I also noticed that when using GMaps to give you directions using public transit, the portion of your journey that may include a walk now has turn-by-turn walking directions instead of a curved arrow indicating “get there”.

I’m thinking for those with iPhones, this could be particularly cool. With Google’s walking directions and street view, you could be wandering just about anywhere. Don’t forget to look up once and a while though. They still don’t remind you to look both ways before crossing the street.

Matthew Coolidge

Matthew Coolidge is co-founder of Greater City Providence. In addition to the occasional blog post about cycling, sailing, or urban rant, he works as an Electrical Engineer, often traveling to major cities and ports around the globe, or simply Warwick.

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