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Buy ArtNow I’m buying next to nothing this Christmas, if’n you haven’t heard, there’s a big ass financial crisis. Aside from that, I’m poor and Grinchie. What little I will buy will be much more thoughtful than in previous years, no one is getting a gift certificate. To that end, I may be looking for some locally produced art, and the Mayor’s Office and the Department of Art, Culture + Tourism have a new program this year to get people out buying art.

Here is how it works:

Limited edition I BUY ART buttons created with Providence artists will be given to each and every art buyer. Whether you buy artwork costing $5, $50 or $500, you’ll want to be among the first to wear one of these BUY ART buttons and help us encourage artful shopping in Providence – The Creative Capital.

The BUY ART program is open to all venues – galleries, artist sales, retailers and independent art sellers – that sell art. We invite everyone to get involved as we celebrate the joy of buying, giving and receiving art!

For a full list of where to buy and more information visit the Buy Art website.

While we are talking about initiatives out of the Mayor’s Office*, let’s talk about the city’s new tagline:


I had heard word that this was coming out, but I’ve yet to see a press release on it or anything. I’m thinking maybe I like it. Let’s face it, with the economy we’re in now, the Renaissance is on hold for a while, and that was getting pretty tired anyway. The Creative Capital is also nicely vague. It could be talking about creativity as in the arts, or creativity as in the new economy tech sector stuff, both of which are important to the city and both of which have nice overlaps from time to time (and we should see more of).

*Seeing as I haven’t seen a press release I’m not sure this is coming from the Mayor’s Office, but I’m willing to assume so.

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  1. I wanted to say to all providence-based artists that we are listing individuals as well as venues on the BUY ART site.

    Providence artists who want to sign up should go to the retailer/artist sign-up page on our site


  2. I have long been a fan and supporter of local art, and almost every week, I go to and buy prints. Not all the artists are local, but the program is.

    Something I miss very much is Sara Agniel’s gallery. I really learned a lot about being a “patron of the arts” through Sara. Does anyone know what she’s doing these days?

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